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Player Generated Questing

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Crowfall is a game all about players generating adventure within the kingdoms. What is the better way to facilitate that then allowing players to create and endeavor quests? These could range from "gather/craft X amount of X" to "kill X player" or "bring X weapon(s) of X stats". Besides basic gather and kill quests, there could be quests to incentivize veteran players to help newer players, like "have a player lvl X or lower in your group during X event". Many larger guilds get new players just because they need the man power to harvest and craft, but this could dissuade that zerg kind of recruiting and make a freelance mercenary kind of playstyle more tenable. These could be posted on forums on campaigns at outposts or forts, which means the quests would be faction locked (Unless maybe certain class or race or perk). There would have to be some limit to who could post a quest, so maybe you could rent space to post your quest on the boards or quests could get more expensive the more quests are posted. Rewards could range from gold to goods to XP (the quest giver could pay gold/goods to have the reward be a certain amount of XP), but to keep people from cheesing obviously you could go up more than one level per quest. 

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Interesting idea... I feel that a questing system for NPC over all would need to be generated first before a similar system could be used by the player base in any official stance (I have not ran into this yet). but even in a much more open environment its a great tool if nothing else to teach new players about aspects of the game

That aside who is there to stop a player base from doing this in game already? Sure you need to be a little bit creative but players could set themselves up with items of some sort to give away and provided tasks. Probably one task per player with a set reward and trackable goal.

Example: "Bring me X animal hides and I will give you some piece of equal quality armor" (trade mats to a experience craftier for a slightly better piece of starting gear)

The give x to get y quest type is something players could currently be doing in game already. would just take a player base that would enjoy playing the quest giver

But having this feature built into manageable player made vendor like NPC would be an interesting development.

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