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(BoS) Bed of Sloths is recruiting


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*Yawn* Good Day Fellow Crows,

I know you are all very busy with many guilds to choose from so i'll keep this short. Are you looking for a friendly, teamwork, low pressure guild? Welp, you have come to the right place. Started by me, and hopefully run by people much smarter, more talented, and WAY cooler than me, the Bed of Sloths plans on growing , cooperating, and napping our way to many victories over the coming campaigns. Focused on building teams of crafters, gatherers , and combat folks to protect them, come join the Bed. 


Fun folk

Low Stress

An almost famous(i mean super not but facts don't matter to recruitment) streamer mascot

an obsessive drive to create leads to excess gear for all


Mandatory naps

Dealing with being on stream whenever we are doing stuff

the almost famous streamer is kind of a doof and a diva.


Thanks for your time!


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Question: Are you an EU Guild?

If (Yes),

              Count Me In If The Guild Is Still A Thing.

If (No),

             Good Day To You Sir. (*sighs with regret*)

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