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Question about forums

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3 hours ago, mandalore said:

If I start doxxing people then I should be though.  If I acted like I have on Magicbane, League of legends, WoW, Shadowbane, SBemu or any other game I’ve been banned in then I deserve it.  If I get a second chance and I custard it up Bc I’m bored and I wanna custard with people then I deserve it.  I’m responsible for my actions and I know the rules.  

How is magicbane that was fun for awhile. s it still going?

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Banning in game and on the forums for a forum situation is ridiculous. They are two different situations. Most of the ppl who act all hard and e-tough here and usually very tame and even nice if you t

The only reason I asked was because I couldn't believe that anyone got banned in game for the stuff that was posted in the Uncle Bob thread.  I loved reading and forumfalling in past games like SB and

My apologies I thought I was the only old person on here; so you're more like Sandy Duncan Pan than Robin Williams PAn

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