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New Class: The Fighter

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EDIT:  First of all, clarify that this post is a mere suggestion for the future of the game, not something that I suggest to see implemented at this time.


Greetings everyone,
I open this thread, to know your opinion and contributions to the idea of incorporating a new class to Crowfall, the Fighter (tentative name :P)

It would be a class oriented to the melee and mainly focused on hits and kicks, something like martial arts.

The Races that can become a fighter would be:
Human, Half-Elf, Half-Giant, Guinicean and Nethari.

The skills, as I said above, will be focused on punches and kicks, adding disabling blows and skills to increse the dodge, atc.

The main resource of The Fighter would be the energy, spending energy using special blows and gaing energy striking with basic attacks and ceratin concentration skills.

It would be a class that could be focused on both strength and dexterity.

The Three specializations would be:

- Pugilist -
Specialization focused on the Burst DPS of critics. Combat only with punches, the more energy, the greater the probaility of criticism. Striking blows that paralyze the enemy if the attack was critical.
Armor: Leather / Mesh.

- Acrobat -
Offtank specialization, focused on dodging enemy skills and punishing classes that attack allies. High mobility, Moderate/low damage and Moderate/Hight Resistance.
Armor: Leather/Mesh

- Striker -
Specialized in DPS oriented to kicks and the staff. The Striker would be weakest specialization but the one can do the most constant damage. The specialization has a skill called: "Pursuit", witch causes that during the 5s, the basic attacks teleport the Striker to the back of their enemy.
Armor: Leather.

Tell me what you think and if you would add something else.

I hope you liked it.

See you soon ;)

Edited by Valandril
We add text for people who do not understand the meaning of suggestion.

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1 hour ago, Nervontuxis said:

Do you honestly think in the current situation Crowfall is in it would be a good idea to start planning on a new class?


It's only a Suggest. I know that the game has another pending important updates, but this post is for share ideas with the community, it does not mean that they are going to develop it now

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I like your suggestion, we need more people to drop suggestions for the dev's to skim through when they have time, more often than not they have to read over flaming posts to get to anything worth reading so good job 

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