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Trial of Zaleena begins - Official discussion thread

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On 2/27/2019 at 7:01 AM, Rikutatis said:

Teddy, if you don't understand the concept that a leaderboard in a competitive pvp game should be fair and track the progress of all gameplay activities that directly correlate to winning the campaign, then I honestly don't know what else to tell you. Specially considering this leaderboard is going to determine campaign awards and who gets what. This is not a novel concept, that's how it's done in several other successful games out there. In Elder Scrolls Online, kill points (in the form of AP) are awarded to every team member that was close enough when a kill was scored, not just by the guy who delivered the killing blow. So healers and utility builds get the AP as well. It's a team effort. Overwatch tracked healing done. Etc. 

And I'm not talking 1v1s here, or whether a healer can win a 1v1, but just to give you an example, my earthkeeper build is designed in such a way to stay in life tray 100% of the time. I just swap to death tray to use CC or if I happen to be the only person who caught up with a fleeing target. If there's no healing to be done (it was rare in EU Chaos, since we were always short on healers and you can heal players outside your team as well) then I'd rather beam my main dps guy for higher burst than do that pitiful spark dmg myself because that's just more optimal in most cases.


I was top 10 on EU Chaos as an earthkeeper as well Yumx. Fayde and I got to top 10 not because the system is fair, but just because we no life'ed the game more than all the others and kept flipping forts and outposts 24/7 (I only joined the campaign in the second week, but still). I got 10th, but I'm sure I could have gotten 1 or maybe even 2 places higher if I had the same score I did on my fessor in previous CWs, with a few dozen kills and hundreds of assists. It doesn't matter now, but for the live game when getting 11th or 10th could mean getting a desirable reward or not that'd be pretty frustrating and unfair. Maybe kills should be tracked like XP: whoever is inside you team and in close enough proximity gets the kill. Or they can come up with some sort of healing score. And healing should give points for assists as well like you said.  

if you look at my post, my comment was that yes my cleric can 1v1, and 1v2, and often 1v3. Earthkeepers can do the same. That has NO bearing on what you posted with the leaderboards, only the person giving excuses for classes that can do what was said they couldnt. 

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