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Over the last few weeks while waiting for siege to commence I have taken notice of the weather and lighting effects and damn I love the fog and the misty winter rain, well done environment team. would love to be on a keep wall and look down over the battlefield and watch a big group emerge through the fog and all whip out a run tool at the same time and realize oh Shiitake Mushrooms! ... we are surrounded !

When I commented this to the guildies in discord we reminisced about how far the environment has come and how we joked about the performance issues when the new version of unity was updated into the game and if 10 people got into a fight the server would crash or performance would be atrocious. "Someone just got ganked" would be exclaimed in voice. Good laughs

We talked about how far the game test world has come, how much we have seen in streams and how much has not made it to the game (cosmetically) and wondered what the devs have up their sleeves that we haven't seen yet. 

While progress has been slower than many of us testers/backers would like and knowing we have a long ways to go. Just wanted to say thanks and keep up the good work can't wait to see what's next.  

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It was a thanks we have all been a bunch of tools lately and I just wanted to share a some thoughts of when how much I am enjoying things that we take for granted.


We also discussed being able to craft a "fog effect" ( would be a massive alchemy group recipe) that could be used to fill the battlefield before a sneak'o'tack but just because I had an idea that I think would be cool doesn't make it a good idea that I feel like demanding being put in the game. so I kept it to myself.   😮 

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2 hours ago, Sharkbait said:

It was a thanks

Ah, yeah I like the devs work too, There doing rather well for a start up. 

2 hours ago, Sharkbait said:

"fog effect"

So I was on to something. The idea sounds nice and I aswell think we could use some sort of group sneak ability.

2 hours ago, Sharkbait said:

so I kept it to myself.

Your a tad modest haha for a shark, Iam a bit surprised :D 

Come Join me here bros!



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I have been testing since December 2016. It would be very cool to see a compilation of screenshots or videos showing the progress from each of the major milestones. I think if ArtCraft could put that together,, maybe people frustrated with what they think is slow development(including myself at times!) will see how far the game has actually come.

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