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You Cannot Make The Cash Shop Items Trade Able!

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I mean okay. The sentiment is there. I understand not wanting the game to be P2W. So even though I don't think having tradeable cosmetics equates to P2W, let's analyze this.


The devs need to make money. There's effectively two options with that: subscription or shop. With a subscription, you have to pay money every month to play at all. With a cash shop, you don't have to pay to play, even if paying gives you an advantage. So if you're playing to win, what's the difference exactly? You're going to be paying money either way, to play the game in the first place or buff your characters.


With that out of the way, let's move on to this game having a cosmetics and VIP shop. There's no skill tomes, no stat boosters, no fancy weapons or skills. Any advantage gained by paying is mitigated by:

  1. You have to find someone that actually wants VIP or cosmetics.
  2. That person needs to be dedicated enough to go gather whatever resources you're asking in trade.
  3. That person has a chance at losing all that stuff during the gathering process.
  4. You have a chance of losing whatever you get in the trade, depending on the world rules.

So even if you dump a bunch of money into VIP, your return on investment is looking pretty shaky. I personally don't think it's going to affect the game much, besides possibly turning rich people into walking gold mines for good PvPers.

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Cpt. Capcslock got a point.




I think theres no need for another thread about this, ACE will get it in the right place. It would be like throwing away the hard work and their vision if they wouldnt. Imo game devs got very much experience after more than 15 years different payment concepts which worked and didnt work over the time.


so, chill.

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