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Trouble changing your forum avatar?


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We're getting scattered reports that some users are unable to change their forum avatars. I've eliminated the theory that this might have anything to do with Invision no longer supporting the use of Gravatar, so I'm still on the hunt to figure out what's causing this. 

The process to change your forum avatar is: 

1. Go to the top right of this page and click your username to open the menu. 
2. Click Profile.
3. On the Profile page, click the small Image icon ("Profile Picture") in the bottom left of your forum avatar image. 
4. The Profile Photo menu will pop up, giving you these choices: Upload Photo, Import from URL or No Photo. (The Crowfall forum does not allow uploads, so you really only have the Import from URL or No Photo options.)
5. When you select "Import from URL", a text field will open where you can paste the URL for the image you want to use. Click Continue and you're done. 

In the few reports I've seen about this issue, users say that they get stopped cold at Step 3 because Profile Photo menu doesn't present them with any options at all, it's just blank. If this is happening to you, please respond to this thread and let me know which browser you're using. 


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1 hour ago, Hunt said:

Its not working for me

Hello Hunt

Sorry by that.

Yes, some members, like myself, have same problem.
Our team is talking with developers to fix this.



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