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How do other druid players feel about the promotion split?


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Compared to the other classes I've tested I'd give the three talent promotions of druid an "OK" rating, which is pretty high comparatively but still not good or great. There are several classes where there is only one really usable promotion branch but at the very least we have three usable if somewhat lacking choices.


  • good dps.
  • depending on race and discipline choice you have a fair to good level of survivability despite being in leather.
  • efficiency is less than ideal, and this goes across all three promotions, all of the offensive abilities are very slightly higher resource cost than than I feel they should be.


  • dps and healing seem a little low, but not so bad that it would warrant a major change.
  • great survivability, a lot of tools to keep yourself alive if played well.
  • missing choices for offensive and healing abilities in the base kit. the blight bomb is good, but with our capstone passive requiring a number of orbs to hit before we do decent damage or healing it's way behind other classes in capability.
  • as with the Stormcaller above I feel the offensive abilities are high enough in resource cost that it just doesn't "feel good" with the constant need to swap trays. the quick burn passive helps but that essence gets chewed through a bit too fast even with efficiency discs slotted.


  • great healing ability, the change to bonus healing from orbs was completely necessary imo as they were absurdly good before and now feel right about where they should be.
  • great survivability, less mobile racial choices reduce this significantly though (half elf).
  • poor damage potential, while these seems like a invalid complaint on a healing spec the truth of the matter is someone who JUST wants to play an earthkeeper druid is all but helpless outside of a group. if I severely outgeared an opponent I could heal through all their damage for an extended time, but there was no chance of me ever killing them unless I ulted them off of a cliff.

Overall the thing I always like about the druid class was the ability to play as a hybrid heal / dps. I do appreciate that others may prefer one way or the other as their primary play style, but the core design always felt like flexibility was the name of the game. Splitting the class into these three promotions has in my opinion diluted too much of that hybrid game play that I always loved before and I really miss a lot of the choices the core kit used to have.

I'd like to see blight be a baseline ability for all three lines. It would make the stormcaller more impactful on the battlefield, archdruid already has talents to buff it enough that the other promotions having access wouldn't feel like a slight, and it would provide earthkeeper with a means to actually defend themselves in a fight if needed.

The other main "missing link" to the old druid playstyle that I really miss is not having access to lightning burst on the archdruid. I can live without it, but with the shroud combo being the only thing worth using outside of blight bombs and basics the only way to get any sort of offensive abilities is through discs. Maybe if gaia's wail was less quirky it would make up for the lack of lightning burst but in it's current state it's almost useless.

Anyway this post is waaay late to the party since 5.8 has been live for quite some time now, but I wanted to hear what others thought of the state of druid play since the talent split. 👍

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Not sure how I completely missed those threads, thanks for pointing them out. Seems like the majority of people that like druid feel about the same I do with regards to the promotion split and even suggested a lot of the same things to fix their current state.

I hadn't brought up leveling in this since it was mostly focused on the end game play of druids but it's worth mentioning that it's probably the worst experience in the current game right now to level a druid. The essence cost vs what is generated by time and passives is so far out of where it needs to be that it's more efficient to just NOT equip a weapon at all and punch things until you get a stave at about level 16. How did this make it through QA?

I'm hoping one of the developers reads over this as well as the other druid feedback threads, there is a lot of room for improvement.

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