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Vessel Crafting

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Does anyone have any details on what extra stats you should get based on Vessel rarity?

I mean I just crafted an Epic Nethari vessel with +50 on each stat.

But I seem to remember seeing an uncommon vessel with 25s in most stats and Dex bonus of 100, was a hamster vessel though. 😋

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As you saw during your crafting, each part of the body give you different stats which depends on the race of the part. if you test every thing with different low quality vessel you will be able to have an idea of which stat will be the most important for each vessel.

Moreover, when you create a new perso without vessel, you don't see it but you have a vessel (with very low stat. for exemple an human have 6 points in each stat, while guinécéen have 10 in dex. All these "vessels" have a total of 30 points). Crafting vessel will follow the same way, that's mean an human vessel will have more balance stats (balnce but don't very high in a specifc stat) while a fae will have a huge amount of dext and low strenght.

Finally 1 comment about your vessel. Near 250 stat points (in total) for an epic vessel is acceptable if you buy it at low price but not if you craft it. I think you will be able to have better stats by crafting a blue one with full reroll (or maybe a green).


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Old post from Blair:

"I didn't list epic/legendary ATTR changes, here are all of them:
Green vessels get +50 hps ast 30.
Blue vessels get +50 hps, at 2, 15, 30. They also should get +4 ATTR instead of +3 at 9, 14, 19, 24, 29.
Epic vessels get +50 hps, at 2, 15, 30. Also +4 ATTR instead of +3 at every even level. 2, 4, 6, 8, etc...
Legendary vessels get +50 hps, at 2, 15, 30. Also +4 ATTR instead of +3 at every level.

Based on the choices made in necromancy crafting + Philosopher's stone choices, it should be possible to cap out."

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Great thanks for the replies!

Yeah figured it wasn't great for epic, though is my first try.

My Necro tree only has 5 full selections so still pretty low.

And the Ambrosia & PS i had to buy at only uncommon level.

Just didn't realise the xp penality was so large though 😋 so was wondering if I could make a better blue one next time.

Just really wanted to push something competitive out the factory 😁

Thanks Again

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