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KrimKingdom Siege 2-28


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A large scale battle between Balance and Chaos in Crowfall Online. 
The zone capped out at 100 players before the siege even started.
I participated in 2 main engagements; a field battle right as the siege started and later actually defending the Tree of Life after Chaos broke through the wall.

Templar Paladin PoV

Good fights, looking forward to more as always.

Here's a play by play of my experience.
My siege UI was bugged and I didn't realize how soon the siege was starting...so I was farming until right before it began.
I rushed out to join the Balance force as Chaos grouped up on the East dropping Siege Equipment.
0:55 Rushing right to try and distract who I could as the actual engagement started when I got back with the group and the fight began in earnest.
1:40 I kept pushing into the right side of the battle, hoping to lead by example so that others might follow and I might not die.
2:55 Keeping my sword up for Righteous Parry and placing Divine Light down as I went till I realized...I had slotted Execute instead of Radiant Sweep...lemme swap that real quick
3:20 Call for Corvax to pull back as they are losing health rapidly...they get out as Danebow jumps in to save them but doesn't get out himself and falls
3:55 Pull back to Heal myself up and survey the field as Corvax is Healed but attacked by Assassins in the back...Scorn and Myst to the rescue
The timing on them coming out of Stealth just as the Radiant Sweep goes off...oof...they are repelled and I try to find Danebow's body
4:30 Damebix is able to lead me by jumping up and down nearby, and ordering a further push to allow an attempt to Resurrect.
5:00 Resurrection successful! It was close but now Danebow is back up and I am pretty sure my Holy Warrior caused me to lag up here
Resume the charge! Right flank is the phrase of the day
6:00 Chaos has been doing a fighting retreat this whole time while other Chaos are setting up near the Keep to break down a wall.
7:30 As the fighting starts to dwindle Balance will pull back to the Keep but not before a Wall has been Destroyed!

*break time*
The Winterblades in zone head out to try and attack the Banetrees while House Avari hold the breach in the wall
One tree is destroyed but Chaos is pushing the Keep hard and Winterblades head back
8:00 I round the corner just in time to Root some Chaos and slow the wave of players headed to the Tree of Life.
8:30 Standing my ground to try and split up the enemy force as much as possible as both forces try to get to the Tree of Life
Almost dying I retreat to Heal up and really hope that's a friendly Ballista AoE marker...
9:00 Mystwraith and I are able to get a few more stragglers in the lower level as the Tree of Life is cleared off.
10:00 We push out to clear out and destroy the other Bane Trees.


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