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Myrmidon Disciplines

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Since the discipline changes, what majors are myrmidon's running lately? I just got a decent HG vessel and am almost 30 with it but I haven't found a good Discipline other than maybe Juggernaut (but I don't really need the extra CC immunity due to going the bottom tree on Myrm) that jives with everything else. Shieldbreaker seems situational, mudman would be awesome if it weren't exclusively vs bludgeoning... 

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7 minutes ago, Ble said:

Troubadour, siege engineer and all the thorn minors

Interesting you mentioned troubadour, I tried slotting Bard for a bit while leveling but I really only had room for one song. I may need to check it or troubadour out. 

"Thorn minors" are what exactly? I didn't think Myrms had any form of thorns... 

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I'm currently running Expansive Mind, Demon's Pact, and Sturdy on my Titan and having a lot of success. For majors, it's a lot more flexible based on your group composition, but I really value Juggernaut for the HP increase and the CC Immunity, as well as the Resolve increasing retaliate. Getting CC'd is how you die for the most part, so reducing that is good. If you are in a group already with Jug, there are lots of other options to choose from. Consider:

- Elementalist: Good ground AOE, and the ability to heal off of common confessor fire damage.
- Force Mage: The barrier passive is pretty strong, and being able to push people around is very nice.
- Shield Breaker: Deal more damage, knock over barrier generating classes, pretty solid cookie cutter disc.
- Mole Hunter: Catch stealthers, provide more buffs - only really useful while ganking and small scale stuff.
- Rune Caster: Great group buffs.
Escape Artist: If you aren't running Jugg but someone else is in your group, run escape artist and be super fast and help clear CC on your group.

Ultimately disciplines are a way for you to make tweaks to your classes play style to suit how you want to play - so just test a bunch of stuff out and see what you like. Good luck!

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Problem with myrimdon is its almost entirely situational. 

Berserk = good fps/pref not 1v1 some counter with juggernaut

Vengence = bad gvg good all around especially in tanky gear. 

If your going auto attack try illusionist

Surging support power minor

Demon's pact is basically manditory in meta.


Come Join me here bros!



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