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13 minutes ago, Nieghclaw said:

I see that some EKs have a cap of 12 while others have a cap of 36. How can this be?

Enhanced testing. If the usual limit of concurrent players is too small to support the number of your citizens, you can ask support@crowfall.com for an upgrade. It's not usual to do so and up to now they need to do it manually and it can cause issues. So it should be avoided if not definitely necessary (like for big and already well frequented EK markets).

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27 minutes ago, Devonic said:

Will 12 be a common number or will the amount permitted be changed by the size of your EK or the number of Nobles you have

Short: We don't know. Probably 12 or something like that will be common for most (since most will be purely private 1-5 person EK's). But surely expandable by ... whatever. We'll see. Make your suggestions.


We don't have any definite informations about this. I suppose the developers don't have the answers themselves yet and that we are still quite far from getting them.

Anyways, we, as players, can take assumptions. For the moment. And let me make it crystal clear that ACE has a record of listening to their customers pretty closely and of changing things on the run if necessary and if the player feedback suggest that there may be a significant need that has not been adressed enough yet. This said, all the following are educated guesses. Everything may change. And a lot depends on feedback provided to the developers.

It is very likely that several conditions will apply to the maximum concurrent player cap of Eternal Kingdoms. The overall size (provided landmass), the number of official citizens (people with granted rights within the EK) or nobles, the number of citizens with VIP status, possible purchaseable expansions, average numbers of visitors, and other things have been discussed up to now. Though with no definite result yet.

Since (rigtfully) the current development focus is fighting and sieges and to get the campaigns running, EK details don't really matter at the moment. They have an eye on it, they are working on EK stuff ... but it's just not the current priority. This have to be understood when talking about EK stuff.

It is pretty unlikely that 12 will be the common cap, though. It may be a starter limit, though. Remember that everybody will be able to create a kingdom. It just doesn't make sense to provide server space that is not needed at all.

So right now every cap (as much as general campaign or specific campaign parcel caps) are dedicated to produce answers regarding the further development. How many people need to be able to get where under which circumstances? What works? What doesn't? We get 1.000 people complaining about the campaign parcel cap? Ok, current cap seems not to work. We got 3 people complaining about EK player cap? Ok, doesn't seem to be such a big problem. As simple as that.

The current results - as far as i can see/assume them - show that most people don't really care about EK's on a big scale. There haven't been more than 6 big EK's on the within the last year, with only about 3 being seriously providing services on the long run for the public. And even those never needed a player cap above 30 yet. That tells a lot. And whatever it may tell the developers, it definitely tells that there is no reason to give this question any priority.

There is no doubt in my mind that we will get there. And no doubt that there will be a low cap in starter EK's ... with one or more functions to extend the cap either by doing something (more land, more citizens, more vip players) or by buying something (ek expansion kit).

Once we get there, it will be announced, we will get the opportunity to test it and to give our feedback. Until then, we can have some thoughts and of course we always have the opportunity to make suggestions in the suggestions sub-forum.

I know, it's not a real answer. But i hope it helps. ;)

Have fun, good luck


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