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Reasonable Racial Balance Post

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Racial Balance.

Disclaimer some values are obviously subject to change depending on testing, it's the idea to consider more so, don't give me that garbo that everythings FIRE i mean FINE.

Will Edit depending on feedback. Thanks



>Add 1 more skill and passive slot to each race and class. Can stack with the minors/human, humans can not stack with minors as well. So yes 5 passives max.

Its either the above or make less things passive and truely defualt passive such as surging minor. The 1 more to skills is 100% suggested.

>If a class ability would replace a racial, it is rather added on top of it or enhances the class skill in someway.

>Trailmaster Increases total non mount movement by 5% Trailblazer is 2.5% Both passive.

>Retaliate costs 25%more and the gained retaliate cc immunity lasts 25% longer.



>Minotaur: +30 Strength, Bloodline: Retaliate costs 25% less and the gained retaliate cc immunity lasts 25% longer Instead of straight frontal immunity to most cc(totally balanced >.>).

>Half Giant: Visual: Half Giant size increased to that of its bloodline proc at all times. Bloodline: No size increase, it’s now permanent. Maken me mad also reduces damage taken by 5% and gives 5% personal healing as well.

>Nethari: Bloodline +5% personal healing and +5% Crit resist instead of 3%. +30 Strength. Call of flames 30s cd. Visual: Make them more firelike perhaps having flames emitting or covering or creating some of their body. Too boring.

>High Elf: +60 Int instead of +30, Humiliate now instead blinds a target for 2 seconds with 30s cd. Bloodline: Restore a dodge pip everytime you retaliate instead of by chance.

>Half Elf: +30 dex instead of +60, Add skill: Halfing it outta here: 30s Cd Become immune to slows and roots, and move 10% faster for 4 seconds

>Wood Elf: +30 Int, Camouflage increases OOC health regen by 20. Add skill: One with nature: Incoming heals increased by 20% for 8s, 30s Cd.

>Fae: Faerie Fire also gives 3% of your damage done to that target back as healing.

>Human: 5% damage reduction instead of 3, Candle that burns 30s cd 15s duration.

>Elken: Gestalt 30s cd.

>Centaur: -30 food instead of -60



I felt that some races were left out with racial skills and/or had skills/passives a bit too strong, and/or flat stats missing. Not only this, but I recommended better racial identity with suggested visuals, more lore logical and class kit logical racials. Such as half giants being well giant in size and races that were tied to range classes to have more mobility. I also felt like some races where fine or just needed a nerf. Such as Elken, Centuar, and hamster being relatively fine, but in the case of Minotaurs It was a revist/nerf. 

I sort of find this game very lacking on overall balance and frame rate. Too pre alpha for me and yes I know its pre alpha for what 4 years? jeez thats awhile. I started to notice that I have began to tempt myself with quitting or moving on quite a lot nowadays, and its a sign this game just isn't for me atm. But to be fair this  is mostly due to Game performance. So instead of ragequitting right away I am trying my hand at atleast one of those reasons.


Racial Basis : I play half Giant.

Thanks all.

Come Join me here bros!



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