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Heyho Guys,

im a kinda new player and looking around for a supp that is playable in "soloplay" (mostly farming). 

i wonder if you see a possibility to play the CON as a Support. His Base INT is quite strong, he hast some decent debuffs/CC abilities if u get some more survivability (or even a heal?!) i could imagine that.

(Sorry for my bad english.)

Maybe you have a suggestion? :)

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I think its definitely possible and i've thought of a few possibilities depending on what kind of playstyle you like.

You can go Sanctifier if you want to be a tankier support running things like escape artist and rune caster to be very defensive in the frontline. Or you can run things like force mage/militant mage to be super disruptive in the front-line.

The other route would be Fanatic to be more of a backline support. You can run more offensive/debuff heavy builds with the addition of the extra CC from that line would make a well-rounded offensive support. Discs that come to mind are things like; Shield Breaker, Plague Lord, Pixie, Black Mask type stuff. 

I would not go a healing route however until you can reach the support power cap and get really decent gear at which point it might be decent with a Field Surgeon (which has massive scaling on rescue, and stamina scaling on rehab) and either Friar or Naiad.

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