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Looking for US guild - Casual

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Hey all,

I am looking for a nice large guild to join to participate in, from mining, skinning, crafting etc. PvP I occasionally do, however my near maxed runemaking skills have been required over this in the past.

I am also working on Ore mastery

Current Vessels I use:

Green Half Giant - Basic blacksmith crafter

Green Hamster - Advanced Runetool Maker

Blue Half Giant - Champion - PvP

Blue Fae - Assassin

I am not on all the time and the time I am online I like to be out there, doing mineral runs, stone, generally contributing to the collective, while not having to defend my play style. I do like to the 'this is a game' aspect and try to keep it so.

Been playing 5 months now, 

What I am looking for - A large guild, to be able to craft and contribute to crafting with the social aspect of gaming.

Kind regards,



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