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Petition - Simple Fixing You Can Do Today!

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There are SIMPLE fixes you can do today to improve your player experience and still get all of the testing data you need.  Please reply here with a +1 to sign the petition!


1)  Put any kind of TIMER on the capture of forts (6 hrs, 12 hrs, anything!)

2)  Increase siege timers to every 3 days (72 hours)

3)  Make outposts useless again. Remove the points attained from them (for now).  


We know all of the stuff above works, so let's put it on hold until other systems are in that improve the points mechanics.



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Also think player kills need to count towards the score. 

An idea for making outposts useful outside of of scoring could be that the faction who owns it gets more resources/pips for nodes within a radius. 

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I don't think any of these are going to help the game be more fun. These constraints literally limit when and how I get to PvP unless I want to go ganking farmers/levelers. 

Just because it gives the touted, "more organized forces" better ability to organize and win a campaign does not mean it improves "player experience". If anything it helps turn the game that much more into a loiter-by-the-sacrifice-fire simulator.  

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