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Petition - Simple Fixing You Can Do Today!

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1 minute ago, Frykka said:

The whole system would work better if the reason you had to cap the outposts was to unlock capping the nearby fort and the reason for capping the forts was to unlock siege on a keep.    Several of us have touted this idea because it then spreads out and encourages pvp over the outposts and alerts the fort/keep owner of what is coming...   territory being lost, etc...  If you want to hold your fort you can make your enemy spread out to cap and hold the feeding outposts for that fort...   the defenders can then start the fight out at the outposts and possible defend the fort before it even becomes vulnerable to capping by retaking outposts.   This does not help off hours/night caps but does give reason for outposts to exist and be important to the score, could even remove direct outpost points but make them a step to capping the forts...   in siege zones this applies all the way up the line giving pre-siege tasks of capping up the line to even get the keep vulnerable.

The last two sieges have been horrible performance wise...   not sure of why we are back to freezes and lock-ups but it is not even a fight.   QueueFall is not great at all.

I personally would love this.  Was a big part of what made territory in CoH work well. 


The problem is, the current system does not support parcel to parcel awareness. 

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@ACE There are SIMPLE fixes you can do today to improve your player experience and still get all of the testing data you need.  Please reply here with a +1 to sign the petition!   1)  P

No arguments there. Standing in circles is bad game play, and constant fort flipping is also bad game play. I just happen to think the proposed "immediate fixes" favor a very specific type of gam

Playing to win getting a bit too rough on you?

It was nice to see ACE address the concerns about the lack of PvP and circle standing during today's Live Stream.

Looks like they are adding capture windows for Forts, adjusting number of outpost to match the population and a new notification system that gives players time to rally so capturing / circle standing encourages PvP.

The even mentioned weekly timers so they could cut down the frequency of sieges and fort captures.  :)

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8 minutes ago, rutaq said:

It was nice to see ACE address the concerns about the lack of PvP and circle standing during today's Live Stream.

Looks like they are adding capture windows for Forts, adjusting number of outpost to match the population and a new notification system that gives players time to rally so capturing / circle standing encourages PvP.

The even mentioned weekly timers so they could cut down the frequency of sieges and fort captures.  :)

Thank god. 

40 minutes ago, Andius said:

W/HoA were held up as like these mystical forces of highly skilled players with legendary theorycrafters chained to a desk in some deep dungeon holding all the arcane secrets we could use to win if only we knew them.


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I think they need to make forts much tougher to cap. 

Increase the guard numbers and their power.

Take the points away from capping outposts and instead tie the number of outposts in control to the number of guards and their power in the local forts.

For Example.

For each Outpost, add 1 guard to each Fort (on top of their normal guards). Make each guard an "elite" level mob, high hit points and can kill solo players...

Each Fort should have a "Fort Commander" which is an "elite" boss type mob that takes a group to kill.

Each 10 outposts owned also adds an "elite" guard to the "Fort Commander"...


This would assist with several issues in the game..

1) Forts would take longer to cap, allowing defenders to get to the fort and help defend

2) Adds value to taking outposts by making them directly correlating to the difficulty of taking forts.



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A small suggestion for forts i was thinking about, was to just add 2 saplings of life in the courtyard one a few meters to the left of the dragon statue and one a few meters to the right, then just require both saplings to be killed before being able to capture the fort, this could also be a kind of resource sink if they required a golden apple or something like 10 normal apples and 100 gold each to start growing. So if you take a fort and wanna keep it a bit longer and have that extra buffer, then spend the resources to grow the saplings. If you dont wanna spend the resources, then the next cap is gonna be easier for your enemies

Or another suggestion, make it a requirement to kill all guards before being able to take a fort.

Its kinda pointless to have a bunch of guards around the fort lodge and walls when all the attackers have to do is hug one wall (and only get shot by 1 maybe 2 rangers) until they smash one hole, then just rush the the center and corner hug while taking out the inner guards 1 by 1 since nothing outside can do anything to them.

Either way makes it to where the attackers have to deal with the guards in some way. If you go with the sapling idea, then they have to remain out in the open where the rangers can attack them while they try to break the saplings, so either turtle up real good or deal with the rangers. If you go with the require all guards to be dead, then they have to deal with and fight all the guards, then it would require even more coordination to take a fort and not just a group of 3 with a healer and someone with defensive skills rushing the center building because you would have to be able to actually fight all the guards and have enough time to start capping before they start respawning cause each one that respawns now has to take people off the capture point to go kill them before they can start capping again.

But seeing as how they are gonna be adding capture windows to forts, my suggestions are kinda moot, unless capture widows still result in a lack of PvP somehow

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there was this one game which shut down but still has a very populated private server called "Warhammer: Age of Reckoning" (i think the original was warhammer online or something). Anyway it had what I felt like was a very good system for capturing the pvp points in that game, they really only had castles (not anything small like outposts in crowfall) and simply for attacking successfully (as in you win and take control of the castle) you would get a reward of basically crafting materials and experience. However the same went for defending (if you successfully pushed off the attackers after they had hit the door of the castle), also the amount of stuff each individual got was determined in 3 parts, who tanked the most damage, who did the most damage and who healed the most. depending how high you were in a column would determine how big the reward was.


I feel adding say a "boss" mob to the forts would make this a possible solution to the whole not really seeing a need to defend the fort because we can just capture it back later.

then adding in loot tables for the boss depending on how much "work" you did when attacking and also adding in a reward system for how much "work" you did while defending would make it even better. However only the winning side gets rewards.

I also think maybe the doors of the forts should be the only thing that can be destroyed by melee and have significantly more health and give a warning when it starts to get hit by more than 1-2 people. The walls should only be able to be damaged by siege engines and should possibly break 2-3 walls instead of just the one. this would make it useful to use siege engines instead so you can swarm the place instead of being able to be bottlenecked at the door.


Another thing I think should be implemented if this gets implemented is that the amount of people included in the siege total increases the rewards given at the end.

I'm not saying make this the way to go instead of gathering but I think it should be enough for people to earn enough materials over time to make a suit of armour or a weapon so that people who really really really hate gathering have another way to earn their equipment.


Short version:

add boss mob to forts, give rewards (like crafting mats or somethiing) depending on how high you ranked in 1 of 3 things - dmg, dmg taken, healing, make it so you can only destroy doors with melee and walls by siege engines, more people included in the "siege" increases rewards, increased health on doors and walls (not significant) and a warning as soon as the walls are hit by siege engines or the door by more than 1 person.

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