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Score players by victory conditions

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This proposal is more of an example than a real suggestion. I'd rather Ace focus on finishing the game than backing up to fix something that's likely to be replaced, but I hope they take this to heart.

In the current campaign, faction victory comes from holding points and capture points, but player victory comes from captures kills and assists. As players seek rewards, what's good for their faction is not necessarily what's good for them.

Since you are competing more with your allies for top slots than with the enemy, defending POIs is actually detrimental to a player's score. If you are defending, not only are you not standing in circles, you are preventing your enemy from giving you circles to stand in.

I suggest that players are scored on capture and holding points, just like the faction. If you are in the circle when a fort or outpost is captured, or on the plot when a keep is captured, the player is scored the same capture points as the faction. Every score cycle, each player credited with the capture of a POI is also credited for holding points, the same as their faction.

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