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Standing in Circles

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Standing in circles to capture outposts should change. The current system is fine for a basic template, but there needs to be more investment than a couple hours on a Tuesday night involved in capturing these outposts. I can't count the amount times where my guild and I would capture outposts after a siege only to find they had been taken back right after we logged out. It shouldn't be a game of who wakes up latest. That's why I suggest capturing these outposts be a longer and more involved process. 

You would start off with attacking the outpost and killing the guards and standing in a circle, but that's only the half of it. You then place down you own crafted guards and feed them/gear them to lvl them up. This wouldn't be like player lvling, but more the vendor cost system for food and equipment. Each step of this process would give your faction points as opposed to it being solely time based, so it's less about who wakes up last and more about who does more in the campaign. Players could also receive some kind of reward if their guards are on a post for a certain amount of time, so individual players have incentives to get involved in larger scale campaign activity. 

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Per yesterday's Livestream, circle standing is changing, Soon™

They will certainly be itterating on forts and outposts for some time, but they already have changes coming.

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