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Bundle issue

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Hello, some months ago I buyed from trusted traders two bundles, with the intention of consuming one for myself and keep the other one closed/giftable/tradeable for the future.

As I proceeded to consume the one I wanted to open, I saw as a result that both got simultaneously opened and credited to my account, and I can find both in the "Rewards Consumed" tab.

I know that once rewards are consumed there is no going back and I would be fine with it if it was my mistake, but I'm 100% sure that I only selected one to be opened, since the process was pretty clear and straightforward.

At the time I opened a support ticket throught the website, but never got any response in these months.

Any help? Thanks in advance

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Thanks for the answer! For now I opened another ticket and this time got confirmation that they received it, I'll wait and see for a while if something comes up here or from the ticket, otherwise I'll send a mail directly

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Just now, Marth said:

what is that badge 0.0

Kickstarter Diamond :) which is the pack I intend to keep for myself πŸ˜…

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1 minute ago, Marth said:


yeah, so weird both got opened when I was just trying to redeem this one πŸ™ƒ

did you guys with KS badges take part to the actual crowdfunding? too bad I discovered the game after it was done, I have had a pretty good experience with the trusted traders but would have liked to support it before

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