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Siege weapons

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The siege weapons of crowfall are being used more and more as anti-personnel weapons. I can hear the typing now, of course siege weapons kill people.

Well the affect on the game is a lot of people end up using elementalist or naiad to avoid taking thousands of damage per hit. Which is going to limit the diverse disciplines available. O sry confessors your damage type is the same as siege... It also becomes a game of who can drop one with LOS on the tree "cubby hole" room. They can be a bit wonky to aim but once you hit, you hit everyone. PS I dont need wiki links to medieval weapons tests. This is a game that forces choke points, the AOE is larger than said points and capable of DPS higher than any one vessel should be doing.

I'm fine with them hitting people but,  lower the AOE and/or damage to players. Other ideas, make siege damage it's own type. IE walls take +X% siege damage, players take normal. Require the siege discipline to even use them.(wont do much atm but when you cant change them...)  Stop letting vessels grab a spirit bank item, dropping it and nuking everyone around the tree for full damage in death shroud. Heck you can leave it if you turn friendly fire on for siege weapons. Wait nvm, I have seen non-friendly faction members hoping into siege weapons before.

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