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Hunger Shards 5.8.4


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So we made a group that fluctuated between 6 and 8 people, covered the entire zone of Krim Kingdom and hunted shards for 1.5 hours.   Our goal was to kill every shard during the day and then as they spawn at night to try and get some to pop up in the keep area (rank 10 parcel).   Not a single one.  There is a rank 8 parcel out there that we got a few greens from.



So we started to think, maybe they just don't spawn in the keep parcel anymore.  So we move to Gorro, which has rank 10 Soldiers Transition Fort and a rank9 parcel in the field.  Another 1.5 hours later, still horrible.



We guesstimate in 3 hours that we killed, as a group, over 200 hunger shards with total zone coverage.

Well, you might not have the proper skills, one might say.  Yeah, we do and that person was hitting all the high ranked shards.

There was one blue shard not shown in this picture:


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Glad that you have time to test this...  8% with a 75% cap, sounds like we need some Blairmath to get to that cap.



                                                        Sugoi - Senpai

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So I have noticed that since the Hunger Shard changes Hunger Shards do not spawn in Keep zones or Fort zones anymore.
Considering they already do not spawn in Adventure zone canyons this SEVERELY limits the ability to get higher end Hunger Shards.

I would like to be able to see Hunger Shards in those zones again as it is almost the only place for High Ranking materials...

Since the Hunger Shard changes the amount of Hunger Shards I've gotten decreased SIGNIFICANTLY, even with max training of 8% and 5 pips PH during all seasons.
Those I have gotten have been 95% Green, I've managed to get 2 Blue, 2 Purple a 1 single Orange. I've gotten more Blue and Purple Sacrifice shards which are useless.
White Hunger Shards seem to be a thing of the past, though it's tough to tell with the Rank 1s in the Beach Head being disabled to get Hunger Shards and the world having r3+
With the r1s being disabled for Hunger Shards I can't get a consistent baseline without a significant investment of time.

I understand these are supposed to be rare drops, but they currently are too rare and random.
Having a system where we could actually craft the shards into the specific Hunger Shards that we want would help.
It would help with both consistency and frustration at Shard types that are almost completely unused being found and sitting around unused.

-Tangent time-

A similar issue crops up with Legendary materials and Embers...there's almost no consistency and High End farming becomes a matter of time and luck.
There's no way to convert Dust into Embers or Materials into Dust/Ember/HigherRanks
A player without the time to farm the gold, if anybody actually sells bulk Legendary/Embers for Gold, or Materials/Embers is likely never going to get to that point.

Other games deal with this issue by having High End Gear take a large quantity of lesser materials and a small quantity of something particularly rare.
But this rarity is not based on RNG, but actual scarcity such as a longer respawning monster in a few select locations. 
Because of this in seeking higher end gear players will flock to those locations to try and kill/harvest the materials, which more often than not leads to PvP.

Crowfall doesn't have that. It doesn't have PvP incentives for Gear. Gear Competition is based upon time, luck, and dedication to farming nodes.
It's more productive time wise to farm the materials yourself over seeking out an enemy and ganking them as most of those times the Spirit Bank will save them from losing much.
There are also a great many sources of high end materials, so often even if a spawn is contested you can just go to another spot, or even another server 8*{

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the game just keeps getting grindier and grindier, this is not the direction ACE should go at all for a PVP FOCUSED GAME, this isnt a pve focused game like eso where 95% of the game is dedicated to pve and the traditional grind, here 95% of the game is dedicated to pvp and forcing pvp players to grind like a second job with rng as bad as this is not the way to go


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Look at my first post.  200 shards, 5/8% - a few greens and a blue.


Also, the article talks about how the sacrifice shards will be useful in leveling higher rank vessels but this is laughable since they don't have hardly any sacrifice value making gold farming over9000% better, for leveling vessels.

Makes me feel like the game is balanced on a markerboard with a bunch of math nerds who need more math or more nerd, possibly both.

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Last Test of this Season with full 5 pips.  1.5hrs in Gorro, running laps and this is my haul.


Needs adjustment?

Not a lack of trying.  There are loads of Hunger Crystals......just very little shard dropping.
Literally 6 Crystals in this picture, just couldn't capture them all.  1 Shard from them.

"If your not failing sometimes, you aren't growing.  Without growth, there can never be greatness."

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On 3/12/2019 at 12:51 PM, Allinavi said:

These are fast falling into obscurity, with the only reaction to them being, "Oh f***ing great! Now I gotta hit this so it stops c***-Blocking my farming route."

I started playing Crowfall about 3 campaigns ago. I've never seen Hunger Shards as anything but an obstruction, I thought this was the intention of Hunger Shards as I've never known anything else. During those first two campaigns, I only destroyed hunger shards so I could farm the frozen resources around it. I have almost always immediately destroyed the sacrifice shards they drop, because they are worthless. I 100% agree with you Ble(:

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