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Potential with Jewelery and additves

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So i had a though that instead of water or blood for the additive phase of jewellery you could get mote utility based jewellery instead of just straight up offence of healing with the addition of the Roaming tribes. A problem with jewelery and higher quality gear its rather easy to hit the caps especially for Attack and healing stats such as AP and SP.

All these effects wont stack with other jewellery pieces of course there a unique passive ability on the jewelery that can be affected by other skills but 2 of the same jewellery effects wont stack

Some things you can do for example
Slowfall/feathered fall - Additive dropped by Auroch, its a feather and when used in the additive slot for jewelery that ring provides a snowfall ability similar Fae but not as potent, It will reduce your fall speed passively and take reduced fall dmg based on jewellery quality
Grey- 0%
White- 20%
Green- 40%
Blue- 60%
Purple- 80%
orange - 100%
This would server more versatility and allow more people options for the slow fall than just the Fae race however you would sacrifice dmg or support for it but i think its worth it foir more options

Protection (We lack defensive options atm for jewelery best we have for this is personal healing modifier) Instead of a straight up % dmg reduction you gain a barrier when you out of combat for 20 seconds. Barrier Amount depends on quality could include barrier bonuses aswell to this to make it more appearly to tank classes over a squishy one. (This will be dropped from a different roaming army mobs (Not to familiar with all the types atm but it be a defence themed one)

Grey- 100+0% barrier bonus
White- 175+20% barrier bonus
Green- 300+40% barrier bonus
Blue- 375+60% barrier bonus
Purple- 475+80% barrier bonus
orange - 600+100% barrier bonus
This would effectively increase your survival but not your sustain survival (Which imo is the big issue with a few classes atm) you could dip in and out of combat to reset the shield however you can get punished by dizzy downed if your not carful.

Brambles - this will be another defensive option but it also grants a use for a stat that doesnt realy get used atm due to lack of ways to get a decent thorn shield, This additive provides a jewellery piece with Thorn shield (Dmg based on quality) this can then be muiltiplied by thorn bonus that you can get on armors pieces that dont seem to get used at all due to no effective way to get thorns to begin with.
base thorn dmg can look something like this

Grey- 15 +thorn dmg multiplier
White- 30 +thorn dmg multiplier
Green- 45 +thorn dmg multiplier
Blue- 60 +thorn dmg multiplier
Purple- 75 +thorn dmg multiplier
orange - 100 +thorn dmg multiplier

Artisan - Crafting pieces that have dmg or healing mod on them seems a bit of a waste for that step so maybe have something like this as an alternative. This will increase the bonus % experimentation pips grant stat wise.

Grey- 1%
White- 2%
Green- 4%
Blue- 6%
Purple- 8%
orange - 10%
This % is based on the experimentation % for the difficulty you choose, so the Insane reroll is 4% roughtly so a legendary jewlery piece would be 10% of the 4% boosing the value per experimentation pip to 4.4% instead.

Exquisite tastes - Increase quality of drops from loot/gather (stackable) this one basicly gives you a small chance when a white item drops for example it has a small chance to be a green instead, purple go to oranges and so on.

Treasure hunter - Increases gold drops pretty self explanatory (Stackable)

These are just a few idea's the possibility are endless though.

These are a few idea i can think of atm off the top of my head all these addictive should drop off mobs and not harvested to add PvE elements to the crafting game

Veeshan Midst of UXA

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