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Ideas for new win conditions

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The current win condition - Points accumulation through capturing and holding keeps, forts, and outposts - is a good proof of concept for win conditions.

Let's help the devs come up with some others.

Here's my first suggestion:

Warband Artifacts CW

Each Warband grand general has a cart containing an artifact.  Let's assume there are 7 warbands.  The carts act as pets and move at the pace of 100% runspeed (so a normal human out of combat with no buffs).   Each artifact gives a buff to every member of its owner's faction within 100m.  The goal is to assemble all 7 artifact carts in the same place under the control of the same faction.   The carts do not log out when their owners do - they drop owner tags at that point.   If their owner dies, they drop their owner tag.  If the owner moves more than 100m from the cart, it drops owner tags.  So one day faction A gains control of a cart.  It follows one of their members around until he dies or logs off or gets too far from it at which point someone else has to pick it up.  Or they park it in their keep / fort (with no owner tag).  Or they park it (with no owner tag) in a corner of the map where they hope no one will look.  The CW ends when all 7 carts are within 50m of each other all under the control of the same faction.  There is no indication on the world map or whatever as to who owns which cart.  That's for scouts/spies to figure out.  This win condition works for 3-faction, works for 12-faction, works for dregs/shadows.

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10 minutes ago, Navystylz said:

Anything but standing in more circles...

As soon as the reward criteria was announced, I put in for my participation trophy.

I stood in some circles to help my team, but I wasn't interested in playing wack-a-mole circle style

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Game mode: Rings of Power

Campaign functions like a normal campaign map with Forts, Keeps, and Outposts and typical scoring. However a ring of power spawns occasionally in each faction's home zone.

Picking up a ring of power makes you hostile to everyone not inside your group, gives you a 200% damage and healing increase, puts a super obvious red aura around your character, and potentially marks your location on the map to everyone (or gives a "nearby ringbearer" debuff to any enemy within a pretty large distance). Logging out with a ring of power will kill your character and cause the ring to be lootable. 

Rings of power can be sacrificed at the complete opposite side of the map deep into enemy territory for a LARGE amount of points. Or maybe you don't sacrifice it....😈


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