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Request for Crafting skills formula


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I was curious if anyone has already reverse engineered the formulas for assembly/experimentation/and experimentation points? If so do you mind sharing?


If not could ACE release this data for testing purposes? 


Thank you,



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I think the only unknown thing right now are the probability of each experimentation result as a function of experimentation stat and experimentation difficulty. I made thousands of experiments to try to get that but there's too much variability in the results.

If I remember right the assembly success formula is: min ( 98 , 100 - assembly_difficulty + assembly_stat )

The percentage you get for each pip in experimentation is like this:

Critical failure -14.000%
Failure 0.000%
Moderate success 1.050%
Success 2.050%
Good success 5.635%
Great success 6.44%
Amazing success 8.05%

Then you need to add the extra risk to each pip:

Negligible risk 0.530%
Marginal risk 1.030%
Critical risk 2.821%
Catastrophic risk 3.224%
Are you insane?! 4.030%

A negative final result don't reduce the item stats.

The quality of the materials modify the difficulties this way:

Quality Assembly diff mod Exp diff mod
Poor 0 0
Common 10 5
Uncommon 15 10
Rare 25 20
Epic 35 40
Legendary 50 60
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They need to make Assembly/assembly difficult reduction more useful tbh.

so easy to get 98% success on everything and it never seems to get any higher than that.

120 Assembly + 27 difficulty reduction or something like that and still only 98% success and ive had that on legendary since like 100 assembly with 0 reduction

I do get up to 173.3 experimentation though but you cant get much higher than that it seems not to many ways appart from bon tipper and jewelery to boost experimentation difficulty reduction. you can probs get to 175 i would say on good roll on rings along with the bon tippers

Veeshan Midst of UXA

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