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Make Winter More Engaging with Enchanting

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I'm not a huge fan of how winter feels. I know that winter is supposed to create scarcity to encourage hoarding in the early months and pvp in the later months, but I don't think it's actually achieving that as it stand. Siege PVP usually seem to be a bit more exciting (if the score is close and the option of winning available), but the time in between the siege windows is pretty slow.

For the most part, when winter rolls around harvesters quit harvesting and as a result, small group pvp seems to taper off. This leaves a few options of available activities: craft in keeps/EKs, plan skrims with other groups, or leveling a character (which most people have completed in the early seasons so they can be competitive in pvp). Basically, it's hard to get on and find something to do.

This could possibly be fixed with enchanting. In the later months (some in fall, more in winter) have harvest nodes (tree, ore, stone, leather) also drop hunger themed enchanting materials. This way all types of harvesters have a reason for leaving the keep/EK in the later months. Make it so enchanting only adds very minor stat bonuses, that way the power curve doesn't become much steeper, but the guilds that did a good job hoarding food in the early months have the option to go out and risk some of that food for small combat bonuses.

All these assumptions are from my limited perspective of the game, but I'm hoping to help keep that game loop going and prevent some of the burn out in the game that I've been seeing among friends in the later stages of the two week campaigns.

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