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Implementing the Gods

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I'm not sure if there has already been an official statement of how the gods will be put into the game, so please link and tell me I'm wrong if there has been. 

If there hasn't then I have the idea for God Leader boards and alters. 

Pretty straight forward, but there would be a leader board for each god and players would do certain tasks like collect skulls or bring x amount of x quality ore and bring them to an alter. For making these sacrifices players could get god specific gear or buffs or they could interact with the campaign more. These alters could be on the campaign map and produce points for factions or give factions buffs/spawn spacial NPCs. 

Implementing the gods this way will allow players to participate in multiple leader boards and could help guide players through different play styles, so even if they aren't fighting they still have a reason to log on every day. 

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