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Jah's Reports on the Trial of Valkyn

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9 hours ago, Andius said:

You forgot to add there was actually a fight tonight when we did fall back to the keep, a pretty fun one too:


Wait, has Transcendence switched to Chaos? No wonder there are only about 7 people in Faction (Order) when I log in.

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Posted (edited)

Small was the force of Chaos that held you off for a good two hours or so. Varying between 2-5 members during the chase we lead you on, at least 3 of whom joined the game this campaign. I counted at least 7 of you that were summoned to dispatch me and my fiance and her 2nd day of play when we were found. I'm guessing representing quite a few years of play and purple/orange items between you, though we were holding decently against Phr00t and the other he had with him until 5 more arrived. And you had like 2 different spies tracking people.

In the end your 7(+I'm assuming) of vets who have been playing this game for years managed to corpsecamp and track with spies 3(Maybe 4?) people who were still resisting at that point long enough to get the map to 0 for a short enough time none of us saw it.

I hope you're proud you've killed people's will to fight you enough that 2 hours of calling for people to come help us in faction in Discord only saw one member of my guild (AceX) and VK69 & Arnould to muster enough will to stand on a single circle as we held you off.

Of course I'm sure this is where you'll insert a line about Chaos having more people but that isn't true anymore. It was true at the start of this campaign but at the last siege I was able to attend Chaos stacked the zone we were pushing with 41, and you guys managed to push Brieltas into queue meaning at this point you have both more and more experienced players.

You may want to reconsider stacking all the strongest players into the same faction and then relentlessly hounding the guilds like Transcendence that are still doing anything to come join you in balance if you want to continue having anyone to fight. Nobody is impressed with what you're doing here anymore but yourselves.

Props to the few other members of Chaos like VK and crew who are still bothering to log in and push objectives at this point. You were the real heros last night. 2-5 newbs holding off a horde of vets with their alt spies for hours. That actually took something. 

Edited by Andius

"To hell with honor. Win."

A Beginner's Guide to Crowfall (5.8.5 Edition)


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29 minutes ago, Andius said:

 I'm guessing representing quite a few years of play and purple/orange


Who do you think has that much time to farm the mats for the embers it would take for a full set of rerolled legendary gear? 


You and the rest of chaos have every opportunity to put the work into organizing like Balance has.  We farm in groups and stockpile resource for our guilds.  For example, I farm bodies every spring and turn them in but I contribute enough that whenever I need gear I put a request in through our gear request form and I get what I need and want.  Division of labor is an amazxing thing when its all 22 HoA working in concert.  We have spec chars we encourage people to play.  We have multiple leaders who can call targets, rally people and speak on behalf of the guild with our allies if needed.  Guilds are an organizational tool to help players win.  Are you utilizing all of the tools at your disposal? 

40 minutes ago, Andius said:

W/HoA were held up as like these mystical forces of highly skilled players with legendary theorycrafters chained to a desk in some deep dungeon holding all the arcane secrets we could use to win if only we knew them.


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