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Keeping in the spirit of spreading a little good-natured memes and some fun gameplay that was had the past two days of this particular Trial, I thought I'd share some of the more interesting highlights. I did not show every kill, or death, as not every were interesting enough for a video, or could be turned into clever enough of a meme. Through these first couple days, and I wager we'll see that pan out even at the end, Order is just too strong. ACE has tried everything, even shadow-moving larger guilds into other factions, and it still clearly isn't enough. 


Please enjoy the video for the good-natured fun that it's meant to be, and do not let any jimmies be rustled. Thank you all for the fun fights, and I look forward to more. 



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1 hour ago, Oaths said:

MYRMADONKED - at the setting up an ambush when part you should have played the metal gear solid exclamation noise after you get jumped.  XD


After it was uploaded, I realized I had forgotten to something similar to that in that section of the video. However, I already had to render it a few extra times as I had forgotten basic video editing 101 stuff, and figured to just get it uploaded or I'd never get around to it. Besides, I think I might have gone just a LITTLE overboard with the long form memes this time.

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2 minutes ago, Stubbs said:

Couldn't connect a swing, therefore couldn't charge up my heals. Either lag or ZombieGandhi got moves like Brian Boitano. I'll let the community decide.

I owe Galvia my life. Totally clutch net.




Well, Minotaurs DO have a innate 30 to Dex.

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