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What to do with useless items?

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Once you get your vassals to a certain level, some items have no use and cannot be sacrificed as they give 0xp.  

Besides crafting, selling/giving to other players and plain old destroying, is there something that can be done with items like spider venom sac?


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Vessel, not vassal. Vassals are part of the EK player heirarchy (monarchs > nobles > vassals).

If you have the space, you could save them for the next vessel you level. But other than that, no, they have no value.

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A least those items don't have a use for you maxed out vessel right now. There are plans for a salvaging system. Which was indeed part of the initial vision. You can already skill it, but there is no ingame function yet. So i'd say we need to wait for this system ... and then revaluate this topic. Maybe it will include such basic item, too (and i think it would be a good idea. Besides that, you are of course able to sell unwanted items. Right now public trading is not too common. But once trading EK's become more common and the system will allow buying orders (which is also in the plans), it should be more simple to get rid of unwanted stuff.

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