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Here Be Monsters! [NA]


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Here Be Monsters (HBM) is an established gaming community comprised of gamers from all walks of life. We play a wide range of games, from Minecraft to League of Legends to Apex Legends and now: CROWFALL!!!

As we launch into Crowfall, our primary focus is finding members who are looking for a place to belong, a place to be themselves, a place to have fun and call home.

CROWFALL: HBM will work hard to establish its name as one of the top respected guilds in Crowfall.

PvP: We will be working to establish an organized and aggressive style to play through the PvP Campaigns as they were meant to be played. We will push control points, kill our enemies, and lay siege to their castles!

  • We will be Balance to start with, but may opt for other factions for the pure sake of a challenge from time to time. Or we may choose to settle on one permanently down the road.
  • There will be no time requirements, class requirements or anything of the kind. We encourage players to play the race/class of their choosing, and we understand life comes first!
  • Discord is our primary form of communication and it will be required for any significant participation in the guild

Crafters: Crafting more your style? We got you covered! While most of us will PvP and dabble in crafting, we recognize those who primarily want to craft. With large portions of our community being dedicated to games like Minecraft, Ark/Atlas, and other heavy crafting games... we know what it takes to dedicate yourself to the art of crafting.

  • We WILL assist our crafters! Be it protection in PvP zones, harvesting resources, etc.
  • Guild EK will contain a dedicated crafters section and a place to put up your vendor for profits.
  • Again, no one will be required to fulfill a specific role. You craft what you want and you will have support along the way

Brand new to the game? Let us help you get started and answer your questions! We are new as well, so you won't feel out of place :)

Experienced Veteran looking for a new home? We are dedicated to being active, organized, and aggressive in our involvement in Crowfall. We'd love to fight (or craft!) by your side!

If interested, please go here, search for Here Be Monsters and apply: https://crowfall.com/en-US/guild

Or /whisper Spazzzy in game.


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