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Mass-crafting for EK (and food)

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Recently I've been doing a lot of crafting to make the capital for my EK. Normally I don't mind the crafting in this game but wow does building a parcel suck. To make one soil you need 6 mulch, 6 ore concentrate and 6 gravel. These each require either 2 non-basic wood, ore or stone to make 1 unit of mulch, ore concentrate or gravel respectively. This isn't the problem though, I think the grind is fair and makes completion feel great, up until you find out the parcel is bugged. The problem is the clicking. It is BEYOND tedious to click mindlessly for an half an hour just to make like 20 soil. It takes 1,350 clicks of pure drudgery to make 15 soil, which makes the smallest parcel. Including crafting times and latency this can take up to 22 minutes, It's brain numbing and horrible and I actively dread crafting for the EK. I don't mind having to wait for it but the monotony is extremely off-putting and really puts a stopper onto the flow of game-play, same goes for basic food crafting.

TLDR; It SUCKS to craft stone-masonry stuff and basic foods like meat and anything with a similar crafting system to these. Please add in a basic auto-crafting or bundle crafting system and just let the crafting time compound instead.

NOTE: I'm not asking to change armor, weapon and tool crafting. Those are fine.

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Isn't this the factories thing in the professions trees? That's a couple months worth of passive xp gains down the line. I meant mass crafting for reaaallly minor yet tedious things that  don't interfere with the flow of the game like specifically stone-masonry. Not for simple stuff like standard item crafting. As it is now, normal crafting is fine and I can see the blueprints being a boon to it, but stone-masonry is a borderline punishment for anyone that wants to go into it and making people spec into that profession line is kinda...ugh.

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It's not just the factories deep in the skill trees, it's also the crafting thralls on the bottom row of each crafting tree.

Until Ace is ready to do their reveal, we really don't know how the skills will tie in, what's involved in getting the thralls, or getting them set up on a workstation.

All we know for certain is that manufacturing of some sort is planned to be in game before release.

It's a pretty safe bet that the crafting skill trees will be reworked pretty heavily in the process; what's there now is the leftovers from passive recipe training.

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