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Suggestions to Assassin Promotions

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After looking through all of the promotion trees for each class and seeing that a lot of the promotions lack role fantasy, I thought it might be a fun activity to rethink the existing promotion trees and try to create some more unique gameplay and ability interactions for them, while trying to level out power budgets between similar roles. However, putting all of them in the same post would be too much...

So I decided to start with the first class on the character creation screen, Assassin! Here are some of my suggestions!



When looking at the talents within the Cutthroat tree, I think a lot of them really add to the fantasy of being an opportunistic assassin. It has the tools and dmg stacking to burst low and out of position players. However, as of now there is really no incentive to stay in a fight after your Ambush/backstab combo in terms of abilities and damage and I find the constant restealth type of gameplay both unfun to play as and against. Hopefully this talent would give Cutthroats an incentive and reward for positioning well and navigating  well within a fight. My suggestion for this promotion really doesn't change much, but adds a little more to the assassination specialist theme. 

  • Remove Kiss of Death (stunned enemies take 10% bonus dmg) and replace it with Unseen Shadow
    • Successful attacks from behind on enemies grant a stack of Unseen Shadow. At X stacks, your next Backstab will act as if it is Ambush.



I think the Blackguard has some really great potential for a unique gameplay fantasy that we don't have in the game: a life-steal bruiser. The talent tree for this promotion was kind of blurry in what type of role it was going for. It doesn't give the player the defensive capacity needed for truly being a tanky/bruiser promotion (compared to other tank promotion trees), goes half hearted towards a life-steal type game play with the 8% on Poison Paradise capstone passive, and CC class with Assassin's Point (30% CDR on Kidney Shot/Backstab). These changes would push the promotion into much more of a life-steal game play style while doubling down on toxins and poisoner style gameplay.

  • Move the 8% life-steal while having a toxin equipped to be baseline when you choose the Blackguard promotion.
  • Replace Zoned Out (In The Zone duration increase node) with Toxicology (30% toxin damage increase).
  • Replace Assassin's Point (30% CDR on Kidney Shot/Backstab) with Leeching Spin.
    • Leeching Spin enhances Dagger Storm to do more damage to poisoned enemies and life-steal X% of the total damage done to poisoned enemies.
  • Remove the Poison Paradise capstone (making it baseline for the promotion) and replace it with Yaga's Gift (basically cheat death) from the Vandal promotion tree.
    • Having a cheat death style ability simply makes more sense to me on a bruiser than it does on a CC based promotion. This form of Blackguard encourages and rewards getting into the fray of things with your added tankiness and AoE damage and I think that Yaga's Gift really fits that game-play style.
  • Remove Payback (Barrier when you hit enemy with Kidney Shot) and replace it with Excruciating Diffusion.
    • Excruciating Diffusion enhances your Diffusion ability with stronger effects:
      • Poison Toxin: Heal for X% of damage done to targets.
      • Disease Toxin: Increased heal absorb on target hit by the ability.
      • Nature Toxin: Nearby enemies already afflicted with Severe Corruption will explode dealing X amount of damage in 5m around them.



The Vandal promotion tree was pretty solid, although it seemed to lack cool ability transformation and lacked a specified role. It was half of a DoT class but really had no talents to accentuate that game-play style, while also being half of a CC class with less meaningful CC talents that other CC promotions. My suggestions would move the promotion into more of a single-target CC type of game-play that rewards landing lockdowns on a priority target with increased damage.

  • Move Flow State (attacks can refund pips) to capstone passive to fill void left from Yaga's Gift being moved to Blackguard.
    • Flow State gains an added effect of "Successful CC's against a single target grant X% bonus damage against that target. This bonus can stack".
  • Assassin's Point (Reduced CD on Kidney Shot/Backstab) replaces Toxicology.
  • Payback (Barrier granted when successfully landing Kidney Shot) moved to where Flow State used to be.
  • Double Down (Severe Bleed on Kidney Shot) replaced with Kiss of Death (10% bonus dmg to targets stunned by Kidney Shot).


So, those are some fun suggestions I think for the Assassin promotion trees to incentivize and reward specific game-play styles. I personally think specified roles are a big aspect missing from the game and most promotions are either blurred between multiple roles or just fall into either Damage, Healing, or CC. I really think adding more unique and interesting game-play based upon these basic roles will allow greater customization, creativity, and fun. 

Anyways, let me know what you think. I had a really good time just brainstorming how, if I was making the game with these promotion trees as a starting point, I would set them up. If you have cool ideas for any of these top promotion trees let me know as well!

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