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[ExR] Exiled Reapers is recruiting!


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ExR was formed by refugees from Pirate101 with some of them having been considered the best of their class in PvP during their era, we called ourselves the Exiled Reapers because Phoenix the name of our undefeated PvP guild from Pirate101 has been taken by someone whos inactive and by themselves in said guild.


  • Willing to swap factions every campaign 
  • Must play meta classes/classes the guild needs , we dont wanna see for example dps clerics unless you can prove that it is effective
  • Willing to offer your profession to the guild free of charge
  • Willing to offer free mats from your profession, what we give we expect back in return in some form when we need it for someone else
  • You dont need to start good but you must display the ability to learn and get better, whether that be combat, crafting, or gathering
  • Able to handle trash talk, we talk a lot of it to ourselves, allies, and our enemies
  • Be honorable in defeat, dont go messaging someone who killed you with extremely hateful and embarrassing messages, we have our rep to consider
  • Funny, dont be a stick in the mud, when i crack a good joke i want a solid 10 minutes of painful laughter
  • Active
  • English speaking
  • Must be on discord
  • Able to play between 2pm-2am EST, not a requirement but preferred since thats when we play usually 

How to Join

If you're interested in joining DM me on here or leave a comment down below, i'll shoot you a discord link and we'll see how well we all get along. We are only accepting players currently on Order NA, if you want to join and are on a different faction DM me and i will let you know before next campaign which faction we are swapping to. We are somewhat interested in small guilds merging into ours and if you dont want to directly join we are open to close alliances between us and other small guilds.

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Heartsteel yelled at me :(


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10/10 would say best Order guild in the game.

Excellent people!

40 minutes ago, Andius said:

W/HoA were held up as like these mystical forces of highly skilled players with legendary theorycrafters chained to a desk in some deep dungeon holding all the arcane secrets we could use to win if only we knew them.


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Important update

ExR has merged with STC and technically no longer exists, you can join the "new" guild over here at 



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