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Zone locking/Freezing based on population logging in

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I think it be a good idea to temporary free/lock/disable zones based on the population logged in the game at the time.

So for example during off peak times you may lock 2 adventure zones and 1 Seige zone (One zone for each faction) these zone will rotate each day so one faction doest get screwed over by loosing there keep in consecutive nights. During this time those zones wont generate score for camps and wont be accessible to players. Anyone in those zones as they go into the lock phase will be booted back to the temple or there a little event/timer before it happens where everything starts freezeing over and you start to slowly take dmg so everyone evacuates the zones think this is a good option for lore and what not.

The reason for this is it balances the game a little more between peak and off peak times and it will be easier to find PvP during off peak atm there way to much ground to cover and not enough players in there to find its like literaly looking for a needle in a haystack if you want to pvp and you happen to play during off peaks times.

Veeshan Midst of UXA

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