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Got charged 6 times due to browser glitch

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I tried to buy the game today, but I was using the Brave browser and the first two time I got a "payment failed" message so I just switched to chrome and bought it on there.  Now I'm seeing two failed payment attempts on my order history and one successful payment attempt. However, my online banking information list 6 pending Crowfall purchases. I called VISA and they told me to wait it out until they stop being pending and the issue may resolve itself at that point but if it doesn't I can do a dispute. Hopefully I won't have to do that, but I figure I'll put this out here for awareness and such, hopefully the issue gets straightened out so the website works better on alternative browsers.



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14 minutes ago, Lyikos said:

Hopefully I won't have to do that,

Welcome to the forums.

Just as pamintandrei said, email support. The address is support@crowfall.com. State you issue (if you want to, add the picture and/or a link to this thread) and they will solve it fast and accommodating. They are not your usual anonymous support, but your direct line to the developers. Let us know about the result if you find the time. ;)

Have fun, good luck


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