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Curious.. what’s the current population for game right now?

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A couple of hundred at primetime. No more than 300ish.  The game is in rough shape right now.


It is over the hump towards becoming a real game but it has all of the painful spurts and stops of a work in progress. There is a ton of work to be done, and some of the design choices as of late are very off from what was wanted at the kickstarters beginning. 

As things get more fleshed out and the rough edges filed down some we will have a game that might be amazing, or might be just another meh project.

It can still go either way but from my perspective it sure does showcase that making games is hard, and making a great game is damn near impossible. 

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I actually love the game in the current state. I'm so excited for every patch to come, while at the same time enjoying the game for what it is until then. The patches are coming at a pretty good pace, too - about every 3-4 weeks. There are a couple of big changes coming that I think will dramatically improve things, like the character controller.

Population, like srathor said, is usually a few hundred during peak times. It can drop down to only a few dozen at off peak times. During keep sieges, the zone cap of 100 is regularly hit in at least one zone and sometimes more than one, so there are big battles to take part in.


Corvus Citadel is recruiting!


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150-300 testers are testing this pre-alpha, it isn't a game yet, although it's a pretty good sandbox.

Best time to drop in and test is at the beginning of a campaign. Artcraft rolls the Campaign Worlds over about every 2-4 weeks, get your people into the CWs and harvest as much as possible, and get your training prepared for the next campaign. Run when you can, fight and die when you have to, but learn your best practices and procedures now for gearing up, so when they wipe the game again in the future you can start out on an even footing with everyone else.

If you are running solo... Don't, unless you have several accounts and no life. Otherwise find a guild or clan, or wait for Beta test. 

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24 minutes ago, Grenlash said:

Would you mind going in depth about the solo experience? I'm very curious about this game, but it's hard to bring friends in, especially while it's Early Access.

If it helps my first experience can be viewed literally on my stream that I did. it should be the first Crowfall video you see. 



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6 hours ago, Grenlash said:

Would you mind going in depth about the solo experience? I'm very curious about this game, but it's hard to bring friends in, especially while it's Early Access.

It's painful, if you've ever played EvE Online, imagine EvE onlines NPE, but then take away CCP's misguided attempts to hold your hand, and you've got crowfall.

You basically load in, and the game goes "Well have fun" and leaves you to it. I imagine this is something that will change with time, but as it stands I suspect the NPE isn't even really registering on the Devs radar.

That being said, even in its current state the depth that crowfall has already is quite impressive, granted, most of this depth is contained within the crafting system.

It sounds like what gets said in every game, and it's certainly what gets said in EvE, but finding a guild (murder) is incredibly beneficial, the game has depth; and no real introduction to the depth; but the community is great when it comes to actively helping new players.

I picked up the game about 2 weeks ago now, and I'm still spending half my time completely baffled, but I'm enjoying it immensely, well, outside of the season system. But having the resource of a guild available so I can just go to someone "how the custard does X work?" has been invaluable.

As a solo player you're going to realise you've got no idea what's going on, to work effectively you need to branch your skillpoints in 50 different ways, and you're still naked.

To summarise,

The game is still very much pre-alpha, content is at times lacking but regular updates are happening and you can see the progress as it happens. Content that exists is fun, and pvp does happen. The NPE is effectively non-existent, but the community fill in the gaps that hopefully in the future will be filled by a proper NPE.

Solo play is likely to leave you confused (or reaching out to the Discord/Forums constantly) and struggling to obtain materials you need from the vastly divergent crafting system, in a scenario where the economy is at best fledgling, meaning most guilds just keep crafting inhouse.


(On the topic of the NPE, they actually announced 'Gods Reach' yesterday, which is meant to help with that, but only time will tell)

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