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Backer Package Upgrade


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Hello everyone! 

I’m planning on buying one of the backer packages today but I’m unsure which one to get. 

I’ve asked on other forums and asked other people the same questions and got different answers so let’s see how it goes here:

Q1. If I purchase the cheapest backer package and I really enjoy the game, can I upgrade to either of the other two packages in the future?

Q2. Which package would you recommend for me to try out both PvP and PvE (crafter/gatherer)


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Yes, you can upgrade. If you buy a lower Backer Pack, the store will give you the option to upgrade to one of the higher packages:


Any of the 3 packages will give you immediate, full access to the LIVE server for as long as the game exists. The LIVE server is up 24/7, except for maintenance/outages.

The different test groups only matter in regards to the TEST server. The TEST server is where new patches go first before being moved to LIVE. When there is a new major milestone (5.6, 5.7, 5.8, etc.), it is put on the TEST server and access is restricted on that server based on test groups. The Pre-alpha 1 and Pre-alpha 2 test groups get first crack at it, followed by Alpha 1, Alpha 2 and Alpha 3, then Beta 1, Beta 2 and Beta 3. It probably takes about 2 weeks for all the groups to get access to the new build and then once access is granted to everyone, you retain access on the TEST server until the next major milestone. So in terms of access, the different packages only affect how quickly you get access to the TEST server when testing new milestones.

The other stuff you get from the packages won't affect your in-game experience much, if at all. There are no horses or merchant pack pigs in the game yet. There are mounts, but they are really just run speed buffs at this point, and they aren't hard to obtain. VIP access doesn't start until the game launches.

If you are unsure about which package you want, get the cheapest one, play the game for a bit, and then decide later if you want to upgrade.

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OK. I just checked what was shown above and see no upgrade button. I seem to be a 2015 Pledge Participant. I have in my wallet a KS Contributor to consume. When I examine this I see the following:

Consume Reward

Consuming this reward will consume KS Contributor and grant you the following rewards:

  • Extra VIP KS (x1)
  • Pack Pig (x1)
  • Forum Badge/Frame - Early Backer KS (x1)
  • Credits - Early Backer KS (x1)
  • Digital Game Copy (x1)
  • Beta 2 (x1)
  • All Father Statue Relic w/Blessing of Knowledge (KS exclusive) (x1)
  • Stoneborne Relic (x1)
  • (1 cell) Farmland Parcel (standard) (x1)

NOTE: Do not consume if you intend to upgrade your package. Consumed packages are no longer eligible for upgrades. You will not be able to recover your reward {r.name} once you click on consume.

So according to this I cannot upgrade? Then how do I upgrade without having to pay the full cost and not the reduced cost which would take into account the $40 I payed for th KS and hence the access I now enjoy?

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9 hours ago, Incarnatus said:

OK. I just checked [...] So according to this I cannot upgrade? Then how do I upgrade without having to pay the full cost and not the reduced cost which would take into account the $40 I payed for th KS and hence the access I now enjoy?


Once upon the time the shop offered Backer Upgrade Bundles that could be used to upgrade from a specific backer bundle to another specific backer bundle (like "KS Amber to 2015 Sapphire"). With the end of the backer era and the beginning of presale packages, those Backer Upgrade Bundles got finally consumed by the hunger.

You can still and easily upgrade (unretired) pre-sale packages to a higher one directly on the shop website, as Arkade showed in the screenshot.

To upgrade from a (retired) backer bundle to a (unretired) pre-sale package, you would need to contact support@crowfall.com and ask them what they can offer to you (state your current bundle and what you want to buy). While most other companies would most likely just tell you "no", ACE is usually very helpful in offering ways how to get where you would like to go. So give it a try.


This said, let's take a look at some other possible ways.

All backer bundles (KS, 2015/2016/2017) are retired. Retired bundles can easily and safely be traded with the officially trusted traders (TT) anshex.com and markeedragon.com.

  • You could sell your KS Contributor to a TT and then buy a more expensive pre-sale package in the CF shop.
  • You could sell your KS Contributor to a TT and then buy a more expensive backer bundle from a TT.
  • You could trade-in your KS Contributor for a higher backer bundle at a TT.

Be aware that buying something in the CF shop will always contribute to the "sum total spent on Crowfall". Either the test-access that is contained in your highest bundle/package or your sum total (whichever is higher) defines your test-access level. Just telling you for the sake of completeness. Test-level access doesn't really matter anymore, because it's only used for the TEST-Server and even then only if there is a big new milestone update. Permanent LIVE-Server access is included in all bundles/packages that contained a digital game copy (=every bundle above the 5$ supporter bundles).

This also means that if you sell your KS contributor, you will still have test access, because your sum-total (40$) entitles you for beta-2 test access, even without owning the bundle anymore.

If you buy a higher bundle from a TT, the sum you pay to them won't add to your sum total. You would need to contact support after getting the new bundle, in order to get entitled manually to the higher test-access of your current bundle.

Personally i would recommend to always take a look at trade-in opportunities at the trusted traders first, because those retired bundles usually have a much higher value than the current pre-sale bundles in the CF shop. You can find a list of the contents for comparison here.


Have fun, good luck


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