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Paladin (healing) Templar

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Posted (edited)
38 minutes ago, XeXeeD said:

As a paladin I dont use execute, before this patch i had no problems casting any skills, I have been playing the paladin for last 6 months and never had an issue with it.

Now i feel like that the PIP generation has decreased and makes it barely playable during pvp. 

As far as i know my paladin friends share the same problems, not sure if this change is intended or bugged.

ACE responded to player feedback that 5m melee range was like "fighting with pole vault sticks".

In response they dropped melee range to 3m this patch.

Your reduced pip generation is likely the fact you are now missing a lot of 3rd basic attacks unless your are humping the leg of player you are attacking. 

3m in the over shoulder perspective means you need to be absolutely on top of the target.

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2 hours ago, Ble said:

Start most fights with 1.  You're right, it does auto gen, but the timer seems 30 sec or more. 

You cannot poke heal, you MUST get a good placement on your first divine light.  1) The way @thomasblair designed it, you cannot use most major disc heals with 1 pip and 2) you don't even have a targeted maintenance heal in your kit. 

If you don't generate pips with your first DL, or you can get in melee range and start attacking, you are literally the most useless person on the field.


Fortuitous Blessings can help.


If we see a templar, we'll just wait for him to DL, then move/pull and he is attacking us for 100 dmg while his team dies.  Can usually pull both the DL and the Holy Warrior out of the paladin in the first seconds of battle relegating him a Devotion Desperation play.  It's sad.  My Alpha hits for 2500 3rds and neckbreaks for 5k, devotion is laughable.


The idea of the class is super cool, some of his interactions are really fun (example: execute only hits for 1800-2000 on a healer, but a healer hitting for 1800-2000 is quite respectable, even if situational), the spells are really cool.  I love Holy Warrior and Devotion.

The paladin just falls waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay short in its implementation.

The divine light pulling away is smart but its also the pip generator.  Diving in and firing it off to get max pips and see how the flow goes from there is the ideal way.   Blowing a holy warrior right off the bat is the wrong way thats for sure.   I"ve always reserved it as a backup heal or if the fight flow isnt anything crazy to cap someone off and rebuild it for a bigger push. 

Also I did email support about the 0 pip regeneration. I've waited 5 minutes and nothing comes back in previous version we would always get the first pip so either that was a ninja fix or something broke along the way without anyone noticing.  They said they would investigate and get back to me so hopefully we'll have a proper answer sooner than later.   Not getting that first pip back actually screws with Templars pretty badly and couldnt figure out why something felt off at first and this is the reason.




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8 hours ago, MrErad said:

Odd thing since I've been playing a templar since 5.4 but recently came back I could have sworn we auto generated our first pip every time if we're empty.  In 5.10 currently if the pips are empty they stay empty until a lunge is hit or 3 auto attacks . I watched my old videos and Templars would auto regenerate their first pip after a set amount of time.

So currently its more like starting at 0 mana and having to build our way up instead of 20%.  Not sure if this was broken by design or when it broke to its current status but sent a support ticket to get more clarification on it.

That first pip not doing its thing was a bug, while looking for the answer to this question, saw the problem and fixed it.

Thomas Blair
ArtCraft Entertainment, Inc.
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I think Paladin only has use to newer players learning the game and farming.  It's an incredibly forgiving promotion class and you can comfortably fight large camp groups without fear of dieing.  

As far as later in the game, playing like a weak tank class that happens to heal is appealing to me. However your heals are subpar, your damage is subpar, and your tankiness is subpar.  Coupled with the lack of mobility and your main way of healing being a static circle on a 30s cool down. You just can't bring to the table anything something else couldn't do better. 

From a design point that's the traphole of something like Templars that want to do it all.  They are nearly impossible to balance in a way that doesn't rob them of their identity or break them. 

-The Legion shall forever be reborn



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Paladin like most classes could use a little work, but it is no where as bad as you are making it sound.


It's a line holder, not a run someone down class. Which it can do with the correct Majors.

You would be hard pressed to find a healer that can heal the masses this well.


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Paladins are the a class that can deal twice as much Points/Minute - HPS+DPS then any other AoE contender that are limited to mostly DPS or mostly healing. 

In the combat log parser a paladin can deal 160.000-180.000 Total Damage+Total Healing in a fight while the next is probably a Cleric, Confessor and Myrmidon but they stop at about 80.000-100.000 Total Damage+Total Healing.

It's not a solo play class - that's for sure - but in a proper group is the foundation.

Feel free to explore and build it but don't complain about it :)

Gen. Prom
Guild Leader of KDS
Recruitment Post - Guild Recruiting and Management - #warstory
Visit us at www.kdsguild.org


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Having a little more experience with sieges I thought I might come back to this and say that I feel as though my paladin can be very useful in large team fights.  both on the attack and defense of forts you are often spending major portions of combat within a relative field of battle that is somewhat static.  Whether the throne room, walls on the way in, or a skirmish in between. In these situations I feel my healing is at least comparable if not superior to other healers.  Meanwhile my damage output is far superior and I am able to contribute as a tank that can front line and chase low HP individuals. Where a druid might be a priority target for the enemy team, I am not, or at least not an easy one.  I would love to hear if I am overlooking or oversimplifying things, the class is fairly straightforward and boring to play but it does seem effective.

-The Legion shall forever be reborn



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