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Duelist101 was started by a group of PvP players in Wizard101 who were tired of being second class citizens in the community, and as such decided to create their own community. Within a few years, Duelist101.com became one of the largest KI fansites ever.


We bring with us a diverse gaming background, love of PvP, and a vast amount of experience organizing large scale projects.


If you're a Wizard101 or Pirate101 PvP'er seeking to use your existing social networks to plant a flag in Crowfall and compete with the veterans, this is your group.



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Yes, I'm a concerned mother of five. I'd like to know whether or not your guild will have sufficient fish for my child to play with? That's an important issue and I believe that a lack of fish means a lack of character in a guild.

Die under my blade.


This guild will rule all. The fish are ours.  Your children too.

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