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The Hive

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I don't expect negotiation to be our strong suit.

That's what I'm here for, Nick. To make up for your brazen hard-headedness. (I'd call it what it really is, but I'm not sure how strict the censors are on this board. ;) )

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If you haven't been in contact with me yet and are looking to join the group, send me a PM here so we can chat.


We're currently running groups in some other action-based games so that folks new to the genre can get some experience playing characters in a format similar to what we expect from Crowfall. Playing primarily on open world PvP servers and focusing on seiging, gvg, and alliance conflicts where possible.

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Oh, yay! That's me. Alright, if you haven't already been in contact with The Hive, we (I) will be reaching out to you to talk about our steps leading into Crowfall (since the game's not going to be out for a little while at the very least). If you are contacted, send a reply back and we'll continue talking; If you're no longer interested, when you are contacted, please state so.


Otherwise, you may expect a contact soon enough if you haven't received one already. 

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