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Will jewellers eventually get their own crafting necklaces?

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18 hours ago, Arkade said:

Yeah, I'm not understanding why some professions get bonuses and some don't. And it's not just regarding jewelry. Why are no races good at Runemaking, for example? Or Alchemy?

I do Runecrafting primarily and the two reasons I could come up with that Runecrafting and Alchemy don't have a race associated:

-Runecrafting (and Alchemy) lack complexity compared to the other professions.
-ACE doesn't like Runecrafters (or Alchemists) >:[

But I would love a Runecrafting race(:
*cough* *cough* Elken, please. *cough* *cough*



18 hours ago, Nebuchad said:

I'm tired of making every other crafter more effective than me ;).  It seems ridiculous that jewellers don't get an experimentation points necklace like most other professions.  Does anyone know if we'll eventually get some love?  

I hope for your sake for my sake that they do. I would love for you to be able to make me even better jewelry :D

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