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New player joining the ranks!

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Make one of your first tasks finding and joining a guild you like. 

It's a very social game test.  All the systems can be extremely daunting to learn, as the New Player Experience requires a ton of polish still.  

Make sure you are passive training as soon as possible.  If you plan on crafting, you will need to train for a couple of days before you get into advanced stuff, which will give you enough time to level to where you can equip major disciplines. (Check your talents tree).

You start by whacking some spiders with basic weapons, and I would recommend not leaving the newbie zone until you have a couple of levels.

When you get into the world, the God's Reach campaigns have "training zones" which are PvP free, and you can learn very basic combat against AI mobs relatively unmolested.

You will want to make intermediate gear as soon as possible, and then go hunting for advanced gear either in shops at the free market, or struggle through the crafting stuff, but that will take you some passive training time. Much faster to farm PvE critter gold and buy if your in a rush.

Good luck out there.



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12 minutes ago, larroxx said:

Wow , thanks for useful tips brother , i appreciate it ! 

What do u mean by passive training tho ?

Its marked as "skills" on the top of the vessel/world selection screen.  It also looks like a pair of dumbells in the left icons when you are in inventory.

The passive training runs 24/7/365 as a progression model. You collect points over time, and spend them when you login.  If you don't pick a train you won't accumulate as there are specific tracks and branches you have to select. 

If your planning on crafting, you will need to get to one of the nodes that specifies a certain field, like blacksmithing, or leatherworking. 

For combat the gains are marginal increases over time. (E.G. +3% slashing mitigation).

For harvesting they will give you better results of the appropriate material types.  Some buffs are by class (E.G. All Ore), and some are by specific harvestable (E.G. Iron).

You will always start in two "basics", so you do have some time to examine the trees before making a tough choice.



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