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How does one start a guild?

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25 minutes ago, calidor said:

Just curious as I figured I would fool around with it a bit.  I can't figure out how you create one.  

Currently the ability to found a guild is restricted to those who have a "Reserve Guild Name" reward in their backer bundle (Kickstarter Amber or higher) or who bought it specifically (currently available in the shop beginning with 9.99$).

Once you have the right to create a guild, you can do so at crowfall.com -> community -> guilds (here).

You will have to choose a Guild name, a guild name, a guild crest and a patron god.

Once you created the guild, you won't be able to change these details (there may be one opportunitiy to do so later ... or there may be not). So give your choice some serious thoughts.

Crests are pretty likely to get a chance to be changed, once the availale Crest Symbols are complete. Here is a list of the first badge of heraldry symbols, patterns and colors, so you can start checking out what you might want to use. Crests are shown in the open campaign world next to the name of each member of your guild. So also check how it looks when it is tiny.


Name and tag are definitely fix. So don't mess that up or you will need to buy another Reserve Guild Name pack if you want to change it (=creating a new guild).

We don't know yet which influence the choice of a patron god will have. But since the old guilds didn't have to chose them but new guilds do, and since nobody knows anything about what it means, it seems likely that we will be able to change that at least once in the future.


Besides that, we will most likely be able to create guilds in the later game without spending money for it (the current thing is just about buying in to "reserve" the name pre-launch). It has been said (a long time ago) that guild creation most likely won't be for "free", though (maybe ingame stuff, but also not excluding that we may have to buy it (though i think the letter would be very unlikely)).

Hope this helps.

Have fun, good luck


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I also recall, long ago when they were talking about customization that heraldry colors were to be used in some fashion in armor dyes, for faction and guild colors as a way to have a more uniform appearance. Haven't heard about that level of customization in a while though and clothing dyes are probably firmly in the post-launch feature set at this point.

My assumption with that system is faction and guild colors are "free" dye options and maybe they monetize or use loot to unlock "off uniform" colors.


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I have the amber kickstarter package but no option to start a guild shows up anywhere. Only to join other guilds. There's no option to redeem reward for it either. Any idea what might be wrong?

Never mind, I sold it for $80 store credit back when they were doing that....

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