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[CONTEST] - Crowfall WarStories

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Crowfall War Stories Contest!




Crows of War,

During the last three Trials, many of you provided the Community with stories, reports, and streams of unforgettable fighting moments, thrilling duels, wicked strategies, and sneaky tactics.

Inspired by those moments, for the next three weeks, we are running a contest for our warlords, lone fighters, fierce adventurers and creative storytellers. Share with us your comic strips, tales, diaries, and even video creations to enrich the Community with more fantastic stories and get the chance to have your creations promoted internationally and win a Crowfall/TG Fan package that will be delivered to your home!




  • The contest begins on Thursday, April 4th and ends on Sunday, April 28th.
  • During this time, submissions can be posted either directly in the Event submission thread, or alternatively on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, including the Hashtags #CrowfallGame #WarStories (In that case, don’t forget to post the link in the submission thread).
  • Every participant can make multiple submissions during the contest, however, each winner cannot get more than one prize.
  • The submissions can be made in English, German, French, Portuguese & Spanish.
  • You can use multiple formats:
    • A short story: Ideally not longer than 500 words and 3-5 quality screenshots
    • A comic strip: A series of screenshots (5-15) with text, narrating a story
    • A video: Ideally not longer than 2 minutes
    • A meme: Capture your character and add a creative subtitle to the capture
    • A gif: An animated graphic provided with a comment or subtitle
    • An artwork: For skilled painters or drawers
    • An illustrated Diary or After Action Report showcasing a battle or key moment
    • Got other ideas? Surprise us!


  • Fight against the War Tribes
  • PvP duels
  • Mass combat
  • Sieges
  • Other (The sky is the limit...)


  • After April 28, the Crowfall CM Team will select the best submissions
  • The best submissions will be translated and promoted within the Crowfall Community and may even find a spot on a Wall of Fame of war stories on the official Crowfall website
  • In addition, as a small bonus, the author of the best submission will receive a package containing:
    • 1 x Crowfall Game Key to gift to a friend
    • 2 x Crowfall Early Access poster
    • 1 x Crowfall shoulder bag
    • 1 x Crowfall Lanyard
    • 1 x Crowfall Polo shirt from Gamescom 2018
    • 1 x Travian Games Notebook & Pen
  • Two runner ups will receive: 
    • 1 x Crowfall Game Key to gift to a friend
    • 1 x Crowfall EA poster
    • 1 x Crowfall Lanyard
    • 1 x Crowfall Polo shirt from Gamescom 2018
    • 1 x Travian Games Notebook & Pen



  • Use of copyright protected third-party materials for your submissions is prohibited.
  • The CM team may disqualify any contestant and remove submissions that do not comply with the Community Rules, defame Crowfall or contain third-party material.
  • Every player may participate, however, the merchandise package can only be shipped to residents of Travian Games publishing territories (EU, LATAM & MENA), with the exception of the game key which we can provide regardless of the territory.
  • By posting a submission, every participant agrees that Art and Craft Entertainment & Travian Games may localize and use the submitted content on their blog, website & Social Media presences.


Good luck Crows! Let the stories begin…



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WarStory Winners

The WarStories contest has concluded. A huge Thank You to the creative storytellers, poets, singers, and comic artists who enriched our Community with their amazing pieces. All pieces are amazing and it was not easy for us to pick the winners. The creations were judged by their originality, effort, entertainment, and relatedness to Crowfall elements. After a very close race, all votes were counted and we are happy to announce that the first place is awarded to:


1st Place

Citizens of Ravenheart --- Represented by @Kraahk

An amazing, colorful and fun to read four-lane poem about the Crowfall experience, viewed from different perspectives! (Click to see the full image)




Runners Up

@Akineko: A truly beautiful song "A Crow's Way", composed and sung by Akineko (Click to see the full image)

@Raindog: An entertaining story about a restless warrior in a Tavern and his guild commander who came to release him from his boredom (Click to see the full image)




Further great stories

@DravoiX: A creative comic strip telling the story of the creation of the Horizon Guild (Click to see the full image)

@Gahmuret: The adventures of Kirigoth and his friends in dark winter times, on their quest to try to save the world from the Hunger (Click to see the full image)



Thank you for all your creativity! Your fantastic creations will be spotlighted via Social Media and the prizes will be sent to the winners in the following days. 


Your TG CM Team

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On 5/3/2019 at 4:57 PM, Minke said:

1st Place

Citizens of Ravenheart --- Represented by @Kraahk

In the name of the Citizens of Ravenheart, I would like to thank Travian for this contest and for our entry being chosen as the winner of this contest.

Since this honor is already more than what we had hoped for and because CoR understands itself as group that has the prosperity of the community at it's heart, we would like to pass our prices on to the 2 honorable mentions, who otherwise wouldn't get anything for their efforts of bringing life to this contest.

A good community shouldn't be about a few getting all the benefits and feeling great about it, while others are getting nothing -- but about the lucky ones sharing with the group; showing that participation can pay out, even if unexpected. We would like to make a point into this direction, hoping that Travian will find a way to make it possible - and that others may follow this lead one day.

Thanks to everybody who joined the contest and congratulations to all the winners. You are one of the pillars our community is built upon. If we keep on building together, we can achieve the extraordinary. We just need to do it. ;) Whatever you decide to do ...

Have fun, good luck

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On 5/8/2019 at 9:23 PM, Gahmuret said:

Hey Kraahk and the others of CoR. Just wanted to say that's really a noble move you you. Thanks 👍

No, thanks YOU - for your entry. It was very entertaining. :)


On 5/9/2019 at 2:02 AM, Raindog said:

Ourses ! The precious is all ourses !

Ah, yours. I meant yours. ~kraahllum~ ~kraahllum~ ;)

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Right. How could I forget my manners....

Congratz to all of us! And hurray for the precious! :D

Let me sing you a song / Of a world that just vanished / Of a story that ended to soon
Let me bring you a cup / Make a toast to the living / And a toast to the legends we share

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@Kraahk and all the Citizens of Ravenheart, we've honoured your wish to pass on the prizes and distribute them amongst the honourable mentions.

We're already in contact with everyone to make sure all the merchandise will be send out asap.

Thank you for this wonderful gesture!


Your TG CM Team

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  • 3 weeks later...
7 hours ago, Yumx said:

Wait they didn't even remove the "join early access" part? 😅

Regarding posters the owl says: You shall not cut off the feet, only because they carry a certain smell with them. Also true for human posters.
It's all part of the history. ;)

Edited by Kraahk
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