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[Entries] Crowfall WarStories

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  • 2 weeks later...

The Surly Knight

Sir Rain was sitting at his usual table, at his usual time, in his usual mood, in the corner by the fire, in the tavern near the temple. His usual time lately was all of the time. This tavern was a fine example of the strategic importance of staging posts along the route to the warring frontier, with good stables, good supply and good ale. In truth, Master Blair, the owner of the tavern could do without the patronage of the surly Knight by his fire, but he was a veteran himself and could well afford a little charity to a fellow warrior.
"Your ale, Sirrah" said Blair and with a smile as effusive as the foam in the pewter crock he slapped it down on the rough oak table in front of Sir Rain. But his broad smile was not met in kind.
Master Blair retreated with a sad shake of his head, well knowing the states of soldiery, and the unseen, unsaid sadness of a warrior at peace. Sir Rain occasionally worried that his surly presence was not a great boon to the Inn but what he did not know was that Master Blair was more than happy to accommodate his misery in lieu of the marketing offset. In any day that the surly knight was in attendance Master Blair could be happy that his establishment had the kudos of an active, if surly, knight in attendance.
This then was the gripe for any professional soldier of these times. Fighting, risking life and limb to achieve a state of peace, but then finding peace an unwelcome friend. Sir Rain could not voice his frustration of peace to the young serving staff who saw nothing but joy in front of them. For to gainsay those whose peace he had fought for was an anathema. Yet, still, he just wanted to fight and struggled not too with the local idiots.
Sir Rain could see no release, nor wanted any, duty to honour being what it was, and honour bound, now, to peace.
Maybe there would be no other campaign for him, and Master Blair would grow tired of him and throw him out to the gutter where he would rot, having learnt no other skill than war.
Indeed, Master Blair's patience was running a little thin this autumn as Sir Rain's gruff demeanour was scaring the serving maids of his establishment, yet knowing full well if Inn's like his did not hold host to warriors, then who would ?
Sir Rain's thoughts turned darker still. Inside, he wanted to scream at the locals, scream that that they were just fools. That war was always a moment away. As much as he wanted to fight for their glory, he could neither accept their peace. Peace was not in his soul. So he drank.
Master Blair raised his eye to the open door and put one hand to the throwing knife under the bar as the phalanx of leather armoured assassins poured into the Inn, and then relaxed as he recognized the face that entered behind.
In any walk of life there are not many faces that can truly alter the plight of all that fall under their gaze, but today, this face, this person, was known for a thousand leagues, for this was Commander Dravoix.
"Enjoying your rest Sir Rain?"
"NO Sir! I am not!" Sir Rain could not help himself and had already stood bolt upright, without having to think about it.
"Good, Chaos hordes are infiltrating, we have incursions across the map and I need warriors like you to step up"
"Yes Sir! About time! I shall report to the temple for muster."
"No time for that I'm afraid, your orders are to move directly to Thracia and gather what troops you can to retake Storm Haven keep. We shall undertake a new campaign to neutralise all regions. Are we clear Sir Rain?"
"Yes Sir! The best news I have had this year. Storm Haven it is Commander".

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  • 2 weeks later...

A song I came up with for this contest - tho it is not strictly a warstory, I would say it is a song about telling a war story.
Hope you enjoy :)
(click the songs name for the recording - I can't figure out how to embed this stuff, so I'll leave it like this for now)


A crows way

I've seen so many war swept fields
Walked worlds and paths
saw broken shields
I've lived so many bloody lives
There's just one tale
I want to tell
One song that yet survives

So listen closely
Lean your ear
And lend a bit of precious time
Not used for death and murder

I'll tell you legends
While we're here
And sing for you an easy rhyme
Because I've learned too early:

It's a crows way to fly
We'll be gone in the morning
It's a crows way to die
But our song lives eternal

I've heard so many prayers called
From broken throats
By gods enthralled
I have forsaken all the gods
For there's one truth
That I have learned
That stands against all odds

So listen closely
Hear my call
And lend a bit of precious time
Not aimed to please a goddess

I'll tell you legends
From before the fall
And sing to you of peace, sublime
Because I've learned too early:

It's a crows way to fly
We'll be gone in the morning
It's a crows way to die
But our song lives eternal

I've been to many crumbling forts
Have visited
Some sprawling ports
Seen plentiful eternal lands
My travels tought me
Just one thing
One truth still in my hands

So listen closely
Hear me out
I'll share with you what I have gleaned
From years upon the roadside

'Cause I have seen
That you are proud
You're happy slaughtering the fiend
Because you haven't learned yet:

It's a crows way to fly
We'll be gone in the morning
It's a crows way to die
But our song lives eternal
Still my song lives eternal

Edited by Akineko

Let me sing you a song / Of a world that just vanished / Of a story that ended to soon
Let me bring you a cup / Make a toast to the living / And a toast to the legends we share

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A cooperation of several Ravenheart citizens, presenting several points of view on the current campaigns. Available as an image, here

Have fun. ;)


The Monarch The Solo The Group The Crafter
I sat in my castle, I walked through the mist, The glorious Darkowls I went to the forge
stiff and alone. all tired and alone. where marching forth. and crafted a lot
And i didn't feel like And I feel like this war To capture the Sunset Keep, I crafted and crafted
I could call it home. works me down to the bone. way to the north. until it got hot.
Empty the court Empty my stomach Restokin's Refuge Then I crafted again
and empty the halls. and no fire to be seen. had just fallen to us. and I crafted it all.
Empty my soul Can't even remember, It was just a fort Then i cried out for mats.
inside empty walls. how long has it been? and not worth a buzz. I'm a resource trawl.
Where are the warriors? Where are the halls? But we used it as camp But nobody came,
Where have they gone? Tell me where is my home? to replenish the troups, so I went out alone.
I sit here and wonder I sit here and wonder... to craft a few triboks I got me some body parts
what wrong have i done? Just why did I roam? and train a few noobs. metals and stone.
I just heard a rumble, I heard a faint rustling And then we went off, Then I crafted again
I heard some screams. not too far away. detoured through the south, and I crafted it all.
I heard feets shuffle I raised up my sword „Because east are spies,“ Then i cried out for mats.
didn't know what it means. to hold danger at bay. said our own spies mouth. I'm a resource trawl.
Then suddenly silence, Then suddenly arrows, We met several outposts But nobody came,
no sounds anymore. a bloodcurdling scream. with false banners shown. so I went out alone.
As if their existence I know I've been ambushed We smashed them to pieces I got me some body parts
was nothing but lore. and this ain't a dream. and made them our own. metals and stone.
So I go to the balcony, I move a step sidewards, The Forest of Fall is Then I crafted again
my hand holds a flower. look out to my right. where we made a break. and I crafted it all.
And I watch my land There's a fiery flower, We cutthroat it's monsters Then i cried out for mats.
from the highest tower. an Elk joins the fight. for leveling sake. I'm a resource trawl.
In the distance is fire I count out the arrows, It wasn't enough though. But nobody came,
and hords running by. each a resounding hit. And how could it be? so I went out alone.
I look flabbergasted My shield is a porcupine, Epic vessels demand I got me some body parts
and ask myself: Why? quite heavy, I admit. for an epic fee! metals and stone.
Why should one go out A small guinecean When we finally got there Then I crafted again
into mud, into rain, - all cuddles and fluff - they weren't surprised. and I crafted it all.
when inside it's cosy rolls by my feet, They were well prepared Then i cried out for mats.
with food and champagne. all a-glow from some buff. and quite well advised. I'm a resource trawl.
And while all my musing I thought to myself, But we were prepared more, But nobody came,
turns into a slumber, this is really a show! we filled the field so I went out alone.
I start to remember: I kicked him away with siege weapons, warriors, I got me some body parts
I should fight the hunger. as if shot from a bow. sword and shield. metals and stone.
How could i forget I know how this ends, They gave us a hard time. Then I crafted again
my purpose, my fate?! there's no time to be nice. I don't recall and I crafted it all.
So I run to the kitchen I will follow my purpose how often I had to Then i cried out for mats.
to fill up my plate. and they'll pay the price. respawn and all. I'm a resource trawl.
But since there's no cook A fireball hits me Yet we smashed the walls But nobody came,
and i can not decide, - the smell is grotesque. and entered their keep. so I went out alone.
I start making it all - I feel like a roast boar We made them regret I got me some body parts
be it roasted or fried. with a hole in my chest. and we made them weep. metals and stone.
Some hours later I take my last stand, Their captain stood out Then I crafted again
I'm willing and able look into my bag, on the wall and did yell. and I crafted it all.
to serve all the food and see my mats vanish, I gave him a rearkick Then i cried out for mats.
and set up the table. stack by stack. and watched while he fell. I'm a resource trawl.
Then I hear a rumble, The last thing I hear are We killed their tree, But nobody came,
and i hear some screams. some screams in the distance. we watched it burn. so I went out alone.
I hear some feets shuffle It seems there are others If you stand in our way I got me some body parts
don't know what it means. to offer assistance. you will get what you earn! metals and stone.
Now suddenly laughter I drift off into silence. The general stood There's no glory in crafting,
and peoples galore. but then I just wake. in the silence after, there's work to be done.
As if all the silence There's laughter and people looked at the debris Leave fun to the poor blokes
was nothing but lore. and what smells like a cake. and broke out in laughter: who needs to have fun.
I don't know what happend I don't know what happened „Return to our kingdom, Though, there is an upside
and i do not care. It seems I'm elsewhere. get something to eat, in my nasty chore:
All is as it should be But it all feels quite comfy, before we jump back into At least what i craft
so why should i dare. so why should I care? battlefields heat!“ don't just vanish nomore.



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Kirigoths Erinnerungen: erstes Fragment


Kirigoth drehte sich erschöpft um die eigene Achse und warf einen Blick um sich. Es war kalt geworden. Nichts, aber auch nichts deutete darauf hin, dass sich die Dinge wieder zum Besseren, zum Wärmeren wenden würden. Der Hunger hatte von allem Lebenden, allen Unbelebten, ja offensichtlich auch von allem Göttlichen Besitz ergriffen. Ein Schauer lief ihm den Rücken herunter und setzte sich unangenehm in seiner Magengegend fest. Kein Schwert, kein Foliant Akons, keine noch so kunstvoll geschmiedete Rüstung versprach Rettung. Der Confessor mit dem Namen Kirigoth setzte sich resigniert auf einen trocken gebliebenen Stamm und harrte der Dinge…   

Was waren sie doch im Frühjahr noch voller Tatendrang und Hoffnung gewesen, den Hunger doch noch zu besiegen. Die kleine Gruppe bestehend aus Kirigoth, Rahel, Tarme und Slampers hatte sich in Gaias Tempel versammelt. Hier bereiteten sie sich auf den Auftrag vor. Mehr zufällig als geplant hatten sie in der Woche zuvor bei einer feindlichen Begegnung mit einem Urgu Kriegsstamm eine Schriftrolle erbeutet und sie glaubten, aus dieser eine Botschaft herausgelesen zu haben, die so bedeutungsvoll schien, dass sie beschlossen, dem Konflikt zwischen Sonne und Mond keine Beachtung mehr zu schenken und sich der Rettung dieser Welt zu widmen. Ein aussichtsloses Unterfangen, wie ihm nun drei Jahreszeiten später bewusst geworden war.

Anfangs waren sie noch zuversichtlich. Rahel war es gelungen, die Schriftrolle zu entziffern. Die Zeichen deuteten darauf hin, dass die Mächte der Erde auch nach Gaeas Tod die Rettung verheißen würden. Illara… Illara schien den Schlüssel zu sein. Und so machten sie sich auf den Weg, um mit ihr Kontakt aufzunehmen. Es sollte eine lange und zermürbende Reise vor ihnen liegen. Die Abenteuer, die sie auf dieser Reise erlebt hatten, genügten, um einen ganzen Band an Sagen zu füllen. Nur knapp waren sie dabei dem Tod am Fuße eines Berges entronnen…

Den Kontakt mit dem Halbelfen hatten sie zunächst als geringe Gefahr abgetan. Auf ihrer Reise waren sie in zahllose Auseinandersetzungen mit den verschiedenen Kriegsparteien geraten und konnten diese in der Regel recht schnell zu ihren Gunsten entscheiden. Und so schien es als hätte Kirigoth den Mondspäher auch diesmal bereits früh ausgemacht. Sie beschlossen, den Spieß umzudrehen und folgten ihm in der Hoffnung, vor dem Anstieg des Berges noch etwas Verpflegung und Ausrüstung erbeuten zu können. Diesmal waren sie es jedoch gewesen, die in die Falle geraten waren, denn der Halbelfe hatte sie schon lange zuvor entdeckt und schließlich geschickt in einen Hinterhalt gelockt. Schlagartig fanden sie sich nicht nur von kampferprobten Mondanhängern umringt, sondern mussten zugleich auch noch deren verbündete Aracoix Krieger abwehren. Es schien als hätte man auf sie gewartet...



Edited by Gahmuret
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