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he tries to squeeze in words. The crow's heart now spreads its wings in those lands, sparking a glittering torchlight in Kerker's Graves' Night. Through the barren chambers, a minstrel of fragile beauty like the new morning exhausted, shuddering the walls under the echo of the thunderbolt, capable of shaking the underworld. Engraving for the most masterly blacksmith art to honor handed. For the fool the ecstasy is carved in the face, it is first inaugurated. The devil's work seems so and the brightness of the sky so equal. The spirit of the crow will escape


Gaea is dead and it is the duty of humankind to preserve the balance , dear ones the gods will all die than comes the time where raves and crows will show us our way!

Cor Meum

Crow Hearts

A short itroduction of our guild :

Name : Crows Hearts

Language ; English , German  small guild  maximum 25 members  guildmanagement : solairre & fishbone

Crows Hearts is in the prä alpha phase just like the game 

What we offer you : all workingstations , per member one free merchandiseplace in our kingdom Crows Nest , modern flat guildstructure , revenue participation in gold for all members , armor weapons vessels at cost price , continuous improvement of our guild!

Our goals : Joy of playing for all members with some sense of humor  ,farmen craften and Pvp

What we do not accept : no withe trash talk , no flaming , no xenophobia , no devalue women and humans who think differently , no right-wing incitement!

We are recruiting now !!!  ( easiest way go to homepage of crowfall push guildbottom balance english german Crows Hearts push recruit bottom )

Or : Teamspeak from 18. o clock till 19.00 o clock berlintime discord chatchannel and E-Mail

Teamspeakadress : 16265.zap-ts3.com     crowsheart @gmx.at   Discord: https;//discord.gg/wh2d9CA

We are looking forward , newcomer , mmo-veterans , women , men all are welcome home far away from home.

Oh and.......


The dead Gaes and the birth of the free Gaea our earth mother died and her three daughters prepared in a hurry the corpse feast.GAEA itself became a meal, eaten like animals, the daughters fell over the earth mother, eat their still bleeding heart, drank their greedy Juices, the bones on which still flesh junks hung throw them into the nature of the essences received as the result of hunger. A few men and women turned away from the terrible spectacle full of shame and disgust. They went to a place of evil in the night, the danger of being swallowed up by evil, they mourned that night. They did not sleep, they spoke about the dead of all the gods and the death of the heroes, they talked about the way they wanted to go. Ravens and crows in the sky they burst on their blood full of poison on this ancient path towards a new future. To this day you can sometimes see one of them in crowfall as he wanders the dead of all the gods enshrined in his face.


Edited by solairre
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Kleiner Push für die Krähenherzen:

Wir sind aktuell eine kleine, einsteiger- und casualfreundliche Gilde in entspannter Aufbauphase. Attribute wie "größte", "älteste", "erfolgreichste" Gilde sind uns nicht wichtig und jeder Mitspieler hat die maximale Freiheit sich ganz nach Belieben im Spiel zu entwickeln und sich einzubringen.
Ganz klar......in einer Gemeinschaft ist alles leichter und macht hier in Crowfall auch deutlich mehr Spass. 

Teamspeakadress : 16265.zap-ts3.com     crowsheart @gmx.at   Discord: https;//discord.gg/wh2d9CA

Bis dann im Spiel



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On 4/6/2019 at 5:32 AM, solairre said:

What we do not accept : no withe trash talk , no flaming , no xenophobia , no devalue women and humans who think differently , no right-wing incitement!

This is awesome, love this. What servers are you going to be playing on? 

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Hello Urielle we will play on EU-Servers mostly . But it will not be a problem we are open minded and love to play with nice people .If you like join our discord channel Info and entertainment .🤣 https:/discord.gg//Z2qumM  But beware pls. we are only play on balance-side😎!

Praise the sun

Praise the crows

PS.: discord channel is german and english .


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