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Hi My Name is Ventus, In Crowfall I look forward to :


The Action Combat (finally know more systems aiming for me in MMOs!)


Destruction (Awesome feature, the only MMO that has this is EQN i think)


Player driven economy and factions ( Making Alliences, enemies, ect)


Tactical Gamplay ( using my archtype wisely, and being rewarded for using it right, and punished for using it wrong)


Helping My Team


Using a Bow (love ranged combat, especially with a no  tab target system)


Crafting(Want to be able to support my team with weapons and repairs as well as trying new weapon blueprints for my self.)


Stealth ( being able to sneak into enemy bases and scout out the area to help my team.)


And Finally..


Hopefully Play this Game on the Xbox One someday *Flame Shield Activates*(plz no hate!)



Anyways,Have a Good day everyone!


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