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The Trial of Illara - Official Discussion Thread

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58 minutes ago, Andius said:

Yes. When you swap from a combat tray to your utility tray there is a delay before these take effect. This badge should reduce that delay.

The thing is Trailblazer gives at 15% out of combat boost and trailmaster 25%. Bard's speed song is 30% out of combat and 10% in-combat. These bonuses do not stack. And mounts are faster than both Bard speed song and Trailblazer/Trailmaster and do not stack with either. So the moral of the story is having a bard in your group makes hamsters and dwarves move as fast as centaurs and once you all mount up none of it matters at all.

A. There are pathfinding bonuses found in the tracking tree with tracking not yet being implemented.
B. With trailblazer and trailmaster being so currently underpowered and this being a pre-alpha, changes are likely.

So while a lot of people are saying "This bonus is useless!" and I agree with them as of right now, I think it may be worth it at some point in the future.

You're almost right.

A bard with twisting can twist the movement song in to D'orian's Accelerando, which is a 40% movement speed buff.

The basic pack pig is 35%


A bard can give a group faster out of combat move speed than basic mounts, but slower than the swift mount, which is a 50% buff.


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Winning Faction: Top 25% of players for both Crafting score and Combat score

2nd Place Faction: Top 15% players for both Crafting score and Combat score

3rd Place Faction: Top 5% players for both Crafting score and Combat score

Can we get confirmation on what "Combat Score" is? Is this the total score with captures included or is this kills/assists like the Trial of Kane?

"To hell with honor. Win."

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